Have you thought about how long do you spend sorting out and picking up your kid’s toys and how often do you do it in a day? Did you just say “I can no longer keep track”? We feel your exhaustion doing it over and over again. Maybe, we can ask our kids to put their toys away right after they play with them. Yes, we know you do that. But how do we make it an exciting activity for our toddlers to clean up toys aside from asking them to put them away?

Kids' Toy Storage Ideas

Use these 10 amazing kids’ toy storage ideas to make cleaning up easy and fun:

1. Bed-shape storage drawer

Literally, ask your kids to put their toys to sleep by placing them in their “own” bed. Daddies might be able to help moms make this happen by creating this container. The upper part of the shelf should look like a bed and the lower portion would be a pull-out drawer similar to a pull-out bed.  


2. Parking space themed shelf

Entice your boys to put their toy cars in their parking lot when they are not “driving” it. 


3. Jurassic Park diorama

Those dinosaurs aren’t going anywhere but to the home where they belong, the Jurassic Park.


4. Put the animals in their cages.

Use the old crib as a cage to the children’s stuffed animals. You may label the crib with cut out letters and name a zoo after your kid, e.g. Jason’s Zoo.  Or you may also label it as Noah’s Ark.


5. Hang the monkeys with Winnie the Pooh

With a few pieces of wood, and ropes, create swing-like shelves to hang stuffed toys.

Toy Storage

6. A chest of treasured toys

Turn your old plastic storage boxes into your kid’s pirate treasure chest.  Find some nice materials that would suit your taste for a treasure box, but a vintage look would be a great choice.


7. Storage bin with removable dividers

A transparent plastic storage box with removable dividers could be an excellent toy keeper. Your kids would be able to easily identify in which part of the box they kept their favorite toy even without opening it yet. This would avoid putting out all the toys that they don’t want to play with.

Toy Storage

8. Portable Storage Case

Although this was manufactured for a different purpose, this 30-compartment portable storage container can also organize puzzle boards and its pieces, Lego building bricks, cooking sets or educational toys.


9. Stackable Shoe Storage Box

Convert this shoe organizer to house your boy’s Hot Wheels, Matchbox, and other diecast vehicles.


10. Laundry hampers

Recycle old laundry hampers to store medium size stuffed toys, jumping ropes or balls.

Toy Storage

Make sure that the toy storages are easy to reach by your children, sturdy, and wouldn’t be too big or heavy for them. Add a little more creativity in designing the storage containers to charm them help you in cleaning up their toys.