Easy To Grow Outdoor Plants

10 Easy-To-Grow Outdoor Plants

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Want to know a secret on how to remain healthy? It’s simple – eat organic vegetables! Though the supermarket almost always has them in stock, wouldn’t it be better if you grow your own? In today’s post, we list out some outdoor plants that you can also use in your cooking!

10 Easy-To-Grow Outdoor Plants – Organic Vegetables

Organic vegetables are not the only ones with health benefits. Growing other outdoor plants also have its advantages. Actually, gardening itself can make one healthy – physically and mentally. Other than getting that much-needed Vitamin D from the sun in the early morning, gardening also helps us battle loneliness, value nature and our co-existence, and reduce stress. It pays to grow your own garden. Start with these 10 easy-to-grow outdoor plants to start living a healthy life.

  1. TomatoCherry Tomatoes are the best variety for beginners. They are one of the easiest kinds of tomatoes to grow. Place them in an area where they can have enough sunlight for about 8 hours. You can start harvesting within 6 to 7 weeks. 
  2. BasilTomatoes and basil go well together. So why not grow them together too? Basil plants grow in warm soil. They love heat and would like some moisture too. Place the plants under direct sunlight for about 6 to 8 hours but keep the soil moist and well-drained. 
  3. SunflowersSunflowers are easy to grow because they are resistant to pets and are heat tolerant. They grow in loamy or sandy soil under full sun and bloom in summer. 
  4. California PoppiesCalifornia Poppies bloom from early summer to early fall. They self-seed and love the full sun. They only require minimal watering.
  5. GeraniumsGeraniums have wonderful scents and can add color to your garden. They can also thrive indoors, so you don’t have to worry about them during winter, and can be repotted as needed. They love sunlight, so make sure they get some 5 to 6 hours every day.  The Ivy-leaf Geraniums are often used for hanging baskets. A great way to welcome your guests with vibrance when hanging by the porch. 
  6. SedumsSedums are low maintenance. They will grow under direct sunlight but can also tolerate a small amount of sunlight as long as their soils are kept moist. They are deer and rabbit resistant as well. 
  7. MarigoldsMarigolds bloom all summer long just make sure they are placed in a sunny spot. They grow well in dry or moist soil, and if you planted them on the ground, they would only need watering if the weather has been dry for more than a week or two.
  8. Calibrachoa – Calibrachoa is most often grown as a hanging plant.  Though it needs to be watered regularly, especially if grown in a container, is drought tolerant. But then again, it thrives best with constant watering. Other good things about this outdoor plant are it’s self-cleaning, can tolerate partial shade, and has no significant risk from plant diseases or from insects.  Calibrachoa loves full sun with six to eight hours daily of direct sunlight.
  9. RadishesRadishes are best grown in spring and fall. We recommend not planting them in containers but planting the seeds directly in the garden. Find a section in your garden where they can catch a daily dose of sunlight. They normally germinate in a few days and can be harvested within a month. 
  10. MintMint is another compatible plant to be grown besides tomatoes. They prefer damp and partly shaded areas. They can be harvested in 10 to 12 weeks.
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Choose from these plants to start growing your garden. You can either buy saplings or grow your garden using cuttings via propagation. Theres nothing better than being mentally and physically healthy. As the old saying goes, health is wealth. Grow outdoor plants and start living healthy.

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