10 Effective Pinterest Office Organization Tips

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According to an article published in Forbes, physical workspace probably impacts the employee experience. Also, Gensler’s 2013 U.S. Workplace Survey, which represents responses from 2,035 randomly sampled knowledge workers across the country, says that the design of the workplace impacts performance, employee engagement, and innovation.”

Employers, office-based employees, and home-based workers would certainly love to know how to create a work environment that would bring positively affect their productivity.

Part of making sure that your work environment brings out the best job performance is how things are organized in your workspace, either in a corporate office or a home office.

10 Effective Pinterest Office Organization Tips

We’ve gathered 10 effective Pinterest office organization tips that could aid in keeping your office a conducive space to work.

Don’t let those cords add up to the things you need to think about at work by trying to guess which one is which, especially if your cords look similar to each other. Properly tag the cords with washi tapes to easily identify our monitor, printer, and CPU cord. 


Project boards are great to use for people who are very visual in terms of project management. As you can see, this project board uses sticky notes. This board not only helps you manage your tasks but as well as organize your sticky notes. Instead of placing them all over your desk, it would be better to hang them in one place.


As described in the pin, this $289 extra-large calendar wall decal incorporates a black chalkboard vinyl that you can write on and erase. It is applied directly to the wall. We find this great to use in your corporate office for the whole team’s use to easily see deadlines, events, and team meetings.


This pin shows how to organize your documents using a three-drawer file cabinet. Even with the latest technology around, we are pretty sure that there are still documents that you keep in hard copies, especially those in the Finance and HR departments.


The pin contributor suggests using cereal and cookie boxes as desk drawers. To keep small office supplies in order. These are alternative materials to use instead of purchasing a desk drawer organizer.

Pinterest Office

Having cabinets, drawers, bins, and shelves all around your office would be futile if you won’t be able to properly utilize them. Read the pin and be reminded how to organize files and declutter desks.

Home offices or corporate offices can adapt to this office organization style to save space.

This is an IKEA hack desk that offers a desk and storage shelves in one. A suitable tip to organize small office space.

Keeping everything you need to help you work smoothly isn’t only confined to a wide office space. This Pinterest idea shows how and where to place your stuff with a limited workspace.

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