10 Open Floor Plan Decorating Tips

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You’ve probably heard the words “open floor plan” if you watch any interior decorating shows. Basically, an open floor plan is a space with minimal to no walls. This is usually used in kitchens, dining areas, and living rooms.

Homeowners are opting for this style so that they can enjoy cooking, dining, and at the same time having entertainment. If you love this idea, keep on reading, as we’ve got some open floor plan decorating tips for you!

Advantages of Having an Open Floor Plan

Why choose an open floor plan? First off, having an open space maximizes the space of your home. We all know how important every inch in our home is, so this is definitely a style you can get on if you love maximizing your space. Another reason for you to implement this plan is that it creates an illusion of a bigger space. That is, as long as you don’t overcrowd your area with furniture. Not only does this give you more space to roam around, but this also makes your space cozy.

Easy Open Floor Plan Decorating Tips

Arranging and decorating an open floor plan can be a tough job since you have to set apart the function of each of your spaces without cutting its aesthetic flow. The following ideas can help you maintain the flow while being able to define each of your areas.

  • Set the focal point

Visitors set their eyes on your home’s focal point as soon as they enter.

Thus, it would make sense to decorate your wall or the area of your focal point. Splash it with the vibe you want your visitors to feel. Focal points are normally suggested to be at eye level. Good examples of these are a big mirror positioned above your sofa and pearwood ceiling beams to create an illusion of a wide space. The ceiling decor similarly defines the space of your room, such as your receiving area or hallway.

Open Floor Plan
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  • Make way

Create a specific and clear direction to where the feet should traverse when coming in and going out of your space. Two common options, especially for a small living room, are to enter the room in front of the sofa or walk behind it.

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  • Center tables or side tables?

Define your spaces using your coffee table as a side table or center table. Make sure to consider the foot traffic and that it does not obstruct your pathway.

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  • Curves are sexy!

Stay away from having too many rectangular shapes. Accentuate your areas with other shapes. Other than being visually appealing, this way, you are adding an imaginary delineation of different areas of your home.

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  • Rugs

Who would ever think that rugs can help spice up your open floor areas? Yes, it does. Other than the aesthetic purpose, it likewise enhances the demarcation of your living room from the other areas.

Having said that, it is advisable to place large rugs or carpets in your conversation area.

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  • Get Closer

Arrange your sofa and other chairs in your sitting room at an angle that would help you hear each other better. Create a layout that would make the conversation warmer. This can be achieved by putting pieces of furniture closer in an angled position.

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  • Windows and natural light

You can follow this tip if your home has tall and wide windows next to each other. This sets the division between your living room and your dining room, especially if natural light goes through the window. The natural light emphasizes the partition.

  • Convert and have more space

You can either remove your dining table or use your kitchen counter instead for an eating area if you have a smaller open floor area. Or perhaps use convertible dining tables and chairs that can be part of your conversation area when it is not yet being used for eating purposes.

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  • Throw pillow

Highlight your living room with throw pillows on your sofa. This sets it apart from your dining or working space without needing to add extra furniture or structure to define the spaces.

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  • Light them up

Use different light fixtures or lighting levels for each of your spaces to illuminate them.

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