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10 Easy and Proven Ways To Save Electricity

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In the past few years, the urge to reduce our carbon footprint has been getting stronger and stronger. Because of the bad effects of pollution on our health, as well as our environment, more people are becoming conscious and aware of how they can lessen and reduce their carbon footprint. So if you’re looking for ways to reduce pollution (and money!), start with electricity. Read on to find out how you can easily save electricity.


Why Save Electricity?

Electricity is a commodity that we use every day. However, since it’s (almost and always) readily available to us, we tend to overlook it. But by saving electricity, we save money and reduce pollution as well. And in the long run, it’s just better for the environment and to our health too.

10 Proven Ways To Save Electricity

Ready to save money while saving the earth, here’s how you can reduce your use of electricity:


Unplug Unused Electronics

Electronics that are still plugged in even if they are not in use consumes from 0.4 watts (DVD Player) to 5.6 watts (Treadmill). If you add these so called phantom energy (or “vampire power”) which is the electricity drawn from outlets when equipment is off but still plugged in, they still consume a pretty large amount of power.


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Optimise Your Thermostat

If you use the thermostat in our home, lowering them even just by 5% or 10% can save you a few bucks. Also, remember to conduct maintenance once a month to make sure they’re working efficiently.


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Dry Your Clothes Under The Sun

Instead of using the dryer, dry your clothes outside under the sun. They’re cost-effective and environment friendly too.


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Work On Your Laptop

Compared to a desktop computer, using a laptop consumes much smaller amount of power. Laptop computers consume up to 80 percent less electricity than desktop computers and get by on between one-fifth and one-third as much energy.


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Get Rid of Old Electronics

If you have a bit of money, get rid of off your old electronics. These old model electronics tend to consume more power than the newer ones. With that said, when you’re shopping around for new appliances, check their energy rating.


Skip the Dishwasher

Wash your plates by hand instead of using your dishwasher. The average power used by dishwashers are usually between 1200 and 2400 watts, with an average of 1800 watts. So if you want to cut back on your use of electricity, wash your dishes.

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Turn off Unnecessary Lights

Utilize natural light as much as you can. Use light curtains and when you’re buying lights, instead of the traditional incandescent bulb buy Light Emitting Diode (LED) and Compact Fluorescent Lights (CFL) bulb which are energy efficient.


Schedule a Laundry Day

Instead of doing laundries a few times a week, schedule a day for laundry and run full loads. This will save you electricity as well as water.


Check for Faulty Wirings

Faulty wirings can be dangerous and can also siphon unnecessary power. Thus, have an electrician come over annually to check your wirings.


Compare Retailers

Check your are for energy retailers, find out which retailer offers the best deals. Compare their prices and read reviews online about their service.


These are some ways to save electricity, how do you save electricity? Share them in the comment below!


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