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20 Awesome DIY Wall Decorating Ideas

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Making your dream home look fabulous highly depends on your choices. The choice can include getting an interior decorator, or you can do it yourself. If you select the latter, here are 20 awesome DIY wall-decorating ideas you can choose from!

Awesome DIY Wall Decorating Ideas

Are you excited to do some DIY? Here are easy wall-decorating ideas you can try:

Unpolished Cutout Wood Art

Greet your visitors with this simple yet clever wall decor that you could place on your doorway! Barn wood or palettes are the best materials to use for this decor. Using a saw, simply style the wood with the shape or design that you want. Three squares arranged diagonally, or one big star could be some design options.

Frame Old Greeting Cards

If you’re one of those sentimental folks and have kept old greeting cards from ages ago, and you can still recall the last time you received a holiday greeting card that was not done online, then it’s time to get those cards out of your old boxes and place them in a frame! Aside from making it a nice wall decor, you’ll be able to preserve those memorable greeting cards.

Black Picture Frame – $14.95

Fridge Magnets and Whiteboard

Do you love collecting refrigerator magnets? Those ref magnets aren’t just for your refrigerators. If yours have already occupied half of your refrigerator’s door, we suggest relocating some to a whiteboard. Arrange them nicely on the whiteboard and use them as bedroom wall decoration!

Frosted Glass Dry-Erase Board

Inspire the World

If you have more palettes at home, paint words on those with your favorite inspirational quotes and hang them on your living room wall.

Acrylic Paint Set – $17.99
  • Strings on a heart

Paint or cover the wood with your chosen color or design. Hammer the nails in a heart shape and tie strings back and forth the nails until it fills your heart.

Acrylic Yarn Bonbons – $9.99

Circle of Colors

Use watercolor to paint your paper randomly. Cut them into circles and form a collage out of them. This artwork can complement single-colored furniture.

More Strings and Colors

Dip three strings into different color paints or ink. Place them on a piece of paper in any pattern you like making sure you’ll be able to pull the string later on. Insert it in a book and put enough pressure on it, and pull the string out. Create three designs, frame them and hang them on your hallway wall.

Mirrors and Sticks

Arrange the sticks around your mirror to make it appear like a sunflower or sun rays.

Colored Jumbo Wood Craft Sticks – $8.99

Flower Wall

Buy any faux flowers from a dollar store and hot glue them to a string base the height of the string to your wall. Read the comprehensive tutorial here.

Real Looking Blush Fake Roses w/Stem – $13.99

Ropes on Your Wall

Spell your name or any word using a rope that you could glue on your wall. If you’re feeling creative, you can also use colored ropes or spray them with the color you desire.

More Ropes on Your Wall

Draw circular patterns on your wall using a glue gun and use the rope to finish off your wall decor.


Simplicity is beauty, they say. A black and white checkered or plaid pattern on your wall may be simple but can adorn a boring wall. 

Buildings in Your Room

Use Washi tapes to create images of buildings on your wall which can also serve as your headboard. 

Washi Tape Set – $11.99

Vision Board

Creating a vision board does not only motivate you to go after what you want, but it can also be a wall decor in your room. Adding a photo of you on that vision board makes it great wall decor, don’t you agree?

Black Framed Cork Board – $31.07

Paper Quills

There are a lot of paper quilling designs that you can use. Here is a video for beginners.

Silhouette Cut Out Tree on a Canvas

Draw your tree at the back of the canvas, cut them out, and spray it with black paint. 

The Artist in You

If you have a knack for calligraphy, then use your skills to write quotes on a different canvas and hang these on your wall.

DIY Wall Decorating Ideas
Lettering and Modern Calligraphy: A Beginner’s Guide: Learn Hand Lettering and Brush Lettering – $4.92

Your Memories on Board and Your Wall

Follow the easy steps from this tutorial to create your own photo memory board. Create four of these and place them on your wall in a quadrant style. 

Heart and Flowers

Cut out a heart shape from cardboard and use hot glue to attach your choice of flowers.

Hang Your Photos

Hang your photos using a clothespin. Yes, literally! You can paint your clothespin or hang your photos on colored strings.

DIY Wall Decorating Ideas
DIY Paper Photo Frame Wall – $11.96

Whatever DIY wall decorating ideas you choose, it is now all in your hands to decorate your walls.

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