2017 Halloween House Decor Ideas

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Halloween is fast approaching, and it is time to bust those skulls and spiders out of the closet. Next to Christmas, Halloween is probably one of the most awaited events every year. Whether you are a kid or an adult, you probably love this spooky season. Dressing up, decorating your house, and doing the trick or treats it’s super fun. Apart from dressing up, one of the most exciting aspects of this event is people’s Halloween house decor, but what is trending this year?

Halloween House Decor Ideas: Preparation

Before you jump in and start adorning your house with Halloween house decor, do some preparations. First, settle on a particular theme (if you are still uncertain, we’ve got you covered below!), then set a budget – it is easy to get carried away with all the spooky decorations. After that, you can start planning where you’ll place your Halloween house decor and actually put up your decor.

2017 Halloween House Decor Ideas

In just a few weeks, it is Halloween time again! If you still don’t have an idea on what to decorate your house for Halloween, continue reading. We’ve compiled this year’s top Halloween house decor ideas:

Walking Dead

Walking Dead has been ongoing for a few years already, but the zombie theme is still a hit. Decorate your door or gate with the famous don’t open, dead inside scene from the series. You can also place zombies in your lawn (tip: use old clothes and fill it with unused fabric so that it will shape like a real human body).

Halloween House Decor
Fearful Black Hair Zombie Design Halloween Mask – $12.39

Stranger Things

You’ve probably been living under a rock if you still haven’t heard or have seen Stranger Things. Because of the success of the show, you’ll probably see a lot of costumes and house decor based on Stranger Things. However, it is an easy and fun theme. Not to mention, you can still add your own touch to it.

Multicolor LED Lights – $7.79


If you want the more scary and creepy house decor, you’ll definitely love the clown theme. Hang some red balloons on your porch, and people will instantly recognize your theme. It is also fun to hang toy clowns inside your house. Go the extra mile by recreating a carnival inside your house.

Halloween Interior
Clown Costume Clothing – $37.09


If you have kids, especially little girls, they would go crazy with a Moana-themed house decor. Halloween doesn’t always have to be scary, so if you want a theme that your kids will love, you can settle for Moana. It is also much more affordable than other themes since you can DIY most of it or use recycled materials.

Harry Potter

Nowadays, Harry Potter is a classic and fun Halloween theme to do. It’s magical and not to mention; you have a lot of choices to decorate your house with. Use old brooms, hang dementors or you can go as intricate by recreating the famous Hogwarts halls with floating candles.

Good Ol’ Traditional Decoration

Even though it’s 2017, you can never go wrong with traditional decoration. Spiders, bones, skulls, spider webs, and glowing pumpkin lanterns. Make your house look haunted by decorating it with fake cobwebs and hanging ghosts.

And these are some Halloween house decor you can try this year. Which one is your favorite? Do you have any themes to add? Share them below!

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