One of the most awaited celebrations in a year, aside from Halloween (check out our post about this year’s Halloween trend) and Christmas is probably Thanksgiving Day. In fact, more people in the US celebrate Thanksgiving than they do Christmas according to Telegraph UK. During Thanksgiving, families or friends gather around to share stories food, have a good laugh, and the blessings that they have received this year as well as the upcoming year. It is a holiday that promotes gratefulness and appreciation for what you have. Now, here are some this year's Thanksgiving home decor ideas.

What To Prepare: Thanksgiving Home Decor

In preparation for a hassle-free Thanksgiving, set up a checklist. List out your ideas for Thanksgiving home decor, recipes you plan to make, ingredients, how many persons you’re preparing for and all the other stuff you need. By doing so, it will make your Thanksgiving more stress-free which it really should be. A time to dine and share memorable moments with your family.

2017 Thanksgiving Home Decor Tips

From creative centerpieces to your overall thanksgiving home decor tips, here are some of the best decor tips that would go well with your Thanksgiving menu:


Create Your Menu Display

If you’re hosting a large group of people or you want to go the extra mile, spend a little time creating or displaying your menu. You can create one menu on each table or place a small card menu – which you can totally DIY! Your guests will surely look forward to what’s on the menu.

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Place Cards

Get creative with your place cards and instead of written cards, place individually framed name cards with their pictures. It will take a bit more time than the usual. However, your guests will appreciate the work and thought behind it.

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One of the focal points of a Thanksgiving table is the centerpiece. Unleash your creativity by crafting your centerpiece. Choose flowers that you love and bundle it with different ornaments.

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Set Up A Mini Buffet

Rather than setting up all the food on your table, you can create a “food station” where your guests can pick their food. You can also decorate your food station with more flowers or even a cake.

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Thanksgiving as we know it is centered around food. With that said, if you’re going to splurge on something (besides food, of course!), splurge on dinnerware! Pick something classy and timeless so you can use it in the future.

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Statement Pieces

Go with the whole shebang and bust out some beautiful statement pieces. Grab some nice fixtures at your local thrift shop and repaint them. Now, if you’re running on a tight budget, you can reuse last year’s pieces and repaint or add some design to them. If you want something simple and rustic, paint your ornaments with white or if you're going for the chic and elegant, go for gold.

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In the end, we have to keep in mind the true essence of Thanksgiving. These Thanksgiving home decor tips are just an addition to this holiday. I hope these tips inspired you, Happy Thanksgiving!