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Thanksgiving Day Interior Ideas

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It’s that time of the year again – Thanksgiving! America’s most beloved annual holiday – a day where families and friends gather to celebrate a fruitful year, eat, drink, and watch football.

Thanksgiving day also signifies the start of the Holiday season, so you’d really want to spruce up this celebration. And what better way to do that than to change and transform your interior decor? Last year, we shared some awesome decor tips, and this year we’ve decided to add more tips you can use, read on.

Thanksgiving Day Interior Ideas

Here are some Thanksgiving day interior ideas to make your celebration better and more memorable for the family:


For the neutral-loving babes who just want that classy, elegant look, decorate your home with neutral palette accessories. Swap your vibrant throw pillows for more subtle colors like cream, black, white, grey, brown, or beige. You can also throw in some nice decors to add charm to a room – a white pumpkin vase, Tree Bark Footed Server for the Kitchen, and a white wreath to welcome your guests.


Acacia Tree Bark Footed Server – $19.99

Melrose International Hydrangea Wreath – $80

Sparkly Gold

Since Gold is often associated with prosperity and wealth, it is a perfect color for Thanksgiving. It is also a perfect accent color if you’re not a fan of neutral colors. Add sparkle to your Thanksgiving by adorning your interior with gold elements. Repaint your old candle holder with gold color, get picture frames with golden borders, or some gold pumpkin ornaments.

Kate Aspen Glitter Pumpkin Votive Holder – $9.82


Think gold’s too “extra” for you, but you still want a color that shouts “luxury” and glam?” Tone it down with a rich Purple color. If you’re hosting a dinner in your home, Purple is an ideal accent paired with Gold on your tablescape. If you have gold accent plates or tableware, break it down with purple. Get a purple table napkin and make it pop with gold napkin rings. Meanwhile, if you have kids, they’ll definitely love balloons (of course, with a gold and purple color)!

Oversized Cloth Dinner Table Napkins – $11.99


Napkin Rings Pack – $16.99

Fall Vibes

Feeling the fall vibes? Decorate your home with fall decors. Stick to colors like orange, brown, and red. Line your living room with autumn leaves garland, get some fall-themed throw pillows for your couch, and if you want to go all out, why not pick up a pumpkin-scented candle?


Thanksgiving Decorations Lighted Fall Garland – $10.99

Thanksgiving Day Interior Ideas

Fall Decor Cotton Linen Leaves – $15.99

Thanksgiving Day Interior Ideas

Wax and Oils Soy Wax Aromatherapy Scented Candles – $10.95

Modern Minimalist

If you are the no-fuss type of person and love simplicity, the ideal Thanksgiving Day interior idea for you is modern minimalist. It’s simple and elegant. So instead of decorating your whole house with a lot of Thanksgiving decor, pick a focal area and focus on that area or, add little pieces/decor in certain places. With this interior idea in mind, opt for pastel or black/white palette. These colors are striking, but they are not as loud or vibrant as other colors.

Thanksgiving is a fun and intimate holiday for the family. It’s all about gratitude and appreciation for things and the people around you, so you’d want them to enjoy this day. Which of these Thanksgiving Day interior ideas will you be trying out? Share them in the comment section below!

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