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Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas

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It’s almost that time of the year again, Valentine’s Day, and it is fast approaching! It‘s the time when you can show your loved ones how much they mean to you. Whether it is a gift to your special someone or yourself, Valentine’s Day is a holiday that people love celebrating. Every year a typical American spends an average of $146.84 on Valentine’s Day gifts. With that said, find the best Valentine’s day gift ideas in today’s post!

Choosing the Best Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas

With Valentine’s Day coming up, you’d want to prepare and really think about the gift you’ll give, so when you’re selecting a gift for a loved one, really think about what he or she likes. It doesn’t have too big or expensive, what matters is that they’ll enjoy it and be able to use it. Does she like going to the spa? Does he enjoy watching a concert, maybe? You can also base your gift according to their personality. With these things in mind, you will surely get the best gift.

2018 Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas

Now if you’re still unsure or need help with your Valentine’s gift this year, here are a few Valentine’s day gift ideas that anyone will surely love:

Cooking Ware

For a special someone who loves cooking or baking, they will surely love something that they can use in the kitchen. A pan, plate or any other accessories that will be of use to them. For example, these pans that they can use to bake their own chocolate or other delicious treats.

Valentine's Day Gift Ideas
Heart Pancake Spatula – $56
Valentine's Day | The Beige House
Nordic Ware Tiered Heart Bundt Pan – $34

Sleep Essentials

Who doesn’t love sleep? Make your special someones snooze more enjoyable and comfortable with these sleep essentials. A customized pillow, a new blanket, an eye mask for those who are sensitive to light or even a brand spanking new mattress.

Grey Plush Heart Shape Decorative Throw Pillow – $15.83
Maxwell Dickson Toss Pillow LOVE – $65


If your special someone is a foodie, they will surely love these gifts. Pick their favorite wine, chocolates, take them to a new restaurant or book the both of you a cooking class. It’s an activity that both of you will remember and treasure for a long time, a priceless gift.

Hershey’s Milk Chocolate – $23.99
Chocolate Truffle Hearts – Pink – $22

Home Decor Enthusiast

Redesigning rooms, rearranging furniture and do it yourself projects, are these activities your significant other love? If he or she loves interior decorating or home improvements, Valentine’s day gift idea would be a book about interior decor maybe, scented candles or even new tools. These gifts are practical and not to mention, very useful.

Sleeping Briar Rose Wallpaper – $161.5

Techie One

For a tech savvy or a techie person you’ll be gifting, why not give them a new gadget? If you have a limited budget, it could be tech essentials like a USB cord, charger, a new memory card, or an external hard drive for all the memories and pictures you’ll be taking.

Modern and Creative Romantic Acrylic 3D USB LED Night Lamp – $22.76
Unique Design Red Luggage Cases Shaped USB Flash Drive – $21.77

The Traditional

Valentine’s day will not be the same without flowers and chocolates. So if you want to go with the traditional gifts, give it a twist. How about giving them a live flower instead of a bouquet? You can purchase chocolates with unique flavors.

Have you found the perfect present out of these Valentine’s day gift ideas? What would you like to give or receive on Valentine’s day? Leave a comment below!

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