2019 House Updates: Indoors

by megan
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This post is going to be a Table of Contents of sorts, listing the different mini posts that showcase all of the crazy work we are doing and having done this year to the inside of our home. Every year I make crazy lists and feel like nothing ever gets accomplished, so this is as much for the blog as it is for me to appreciate our progress.

I didn’t think it’s entirely relevant to post ALL the original interior shots here, so check out each post for updates. You’ll notice not all have links right now, because we’re still working on them! Keep checking back to see our progress.

  • A Tiny Update: Electrician
  • Current Houseplant Situation: Summer
  • My Office Overhaul: Part 1, 2
  • The Kitchen Overhaul
  • Guest Room Update
  • Livingroom Update: Bar, Bookshelves
  • Building a YouTube Studio (Okay this says 2018, but still a work in progress!)
  • Basement Updates
  • The Front Porch

I’m also compiling our list of outdoor upgrades here. Feel free to follow along (and see where I get all of my bruises from that I post on our Stories)!

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