If you’re living in a small space and have a small bathroom, it can be tough to create a livable design in them. When you are decorating a small bathroom, you’ll find yourself racking your brain trying to balance aesthetic with space. Why? Well since it’s small, you really have to think about what goes into the design. Too much decor or pieces will make it too tight, and nobody wants to feel cramped. Meanwhile, too little can make it look dull or uninviting. This is why it’s important to plan before you design a small bathroom.

Optimise Your Small Bathroom

When designing a small bathroom, every space should be maximized. Trying to fit in everything in a small area can be like a puzzle. Every piece should fit together. This is where planning comes in, like what we mentioned, you should have a plan before you create your small bathroom design. Thus, you won’t have to guess or “wing” the design of your bathroom. Considering the limited space provided, every piece should have a purpose and a strategic location.


How To Design A Small Bathroom

Whether you are remodeling or starting from scratch, here are some useful tips you can use when you’re designing a small bathroom:


Avoid Bulky Wall Accessories

Any chunky or wide accessories that are hanging the wall should be avoided. Which means foregoing some towel racks or vanity table. Instead, opt for thin wall accessories (if you really can’t let go of it) and built-in toilet paper holders.

Aqua Nuon Toilet Paper – $27
Small Bathroom
Aqua Plato Toilet Paper – $19

Create Illusion

Make your space look bigger by installing big mirrors. Not only does it create the illusion of a bigger area, but it also invites light. So invest in mirrors and instantly make your small bathroom look and feel bigger.

Mirror Mirror Wood Frame – $144
Traditional Bathroom Mirror – $99

Get Creative With Your Storage

Install a towel rack behind your door, this won’t take too much space. Alternatively, if you already have a storage or drawer units in your bathroom, make sure to maximize and organize your stuff.

Door Hook – $21
Hotel Style Towel Rack – $2.2

Shower Curtain Instead of Glass Door

If your bathroom has a small shower stall, consider choosing shower curtain over a glass door. Pick a clear or a shower curtain with a light color, avoid dark colors. This way, it’ll create more space, and you can change the shower curtain anytime you want.

Lace Trimming Polyester White Bathroom Shower Curtain – $24.74
Geometric Pattern Polyester Simple Style Shower Curtain – $21.77

Trough Sink

Think about installing a trough sink than a regular bathroom sink. Trough sinks which are usually narrow yet very elegant looking. Because of its narrow characteristic, trough sinks are perfect for a small bathroom. It’s practical and space saving.

Above Mount Bath Trough Sink with Porcelain Center Drain – $599.99


Like what we mentioned in a bunch of our posts – “How to Create a Minimalist Office,” “How to Achieve that Minimalist Bedroom.” When you're dealing with a small space, it's better to keep things to a minimum. Always stick with the essentials when in doubt, meaning stick what you really need versus what you want.


Designing a small bathroom can be a real challenge, but with these tips in mind, it will surely make your work easier. Do you have any more tips to share? What would you like to see next? Share them below in the comment section.