Creative Ways to Decorate Light Switch Covers

5 Creative Ways to Decorate Light Switch Covers

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Want to add a small accent in your room but don’t know where to start? One creative way to create a subtle accent in any room is to decorate light switch covers. Often overlooked, light switch covers are the perfect room feature to DIY. Ready to flip your creative switch? We’ve numbered five easy and inexpensive ways to decorate light switch covers in your home.

Adorable Ways to Decorate Light Switch Covers

Ready for some bright ideas? Here are five creative ways to decorate light switch covers in your home:

Washi Tape

According to Wikipedia, Washi is a traditional Japanese paper. The word “washi” comes from wa meaning ‘Japanese’ and shi, meaning ‘paper’. The term is used to describe paper that uses local fiber, is processed by hand, and is made in the traditional manner. The use of washi tape originated in 2006. Now if you’re fond of these colorful and creative tapes, you can use them to decorate your light switches. All you need to do is to pick a pattern/color that you want and plan your design. Once you’ve pinned down your design, stick the tape on your light switch, and voila, you’re done!

Decorate Light Switch Covers
Washi Masking Tapes – $12.55
Decorate Light Switch Covers
Washi Tape Dispenser – $12.99

Paint It

Feeling extra creative, then why not paint your light switch? By painting your light switch you literally have endless ideas to design your light switch. Some of the materials you need are acrylic paint, varnish/mod podge, brush, and pencil. First, pencil in your design, and then after you’ve settled on a sketch, paint it over with your paint. To make your paint last longer, paint a varnish or mod podge over it.

Apple Barrel Acrylic Paint Set – $18.36
Complete Acrylic Paint Set – $25.97

Frame It

If you’ve got extra or old frames lying around your house, you can use them to decorate light switch covers. You can also buy inexpensive frames if you don’t have some readily available in your home. Pick a frame with the color/design that complements your room and secure it with a hot glue gun or nail it on the wall.

Picture Frame Distressed Blue – $12.10

Tropical Light Switch

Got a coastal theme going on? Then a tropical light switch cover is the perfect accent for your room. You can paint a tropical design on your light switch or use a more fun technique to decorate it. What you can do is glue some sand in your light switch and to add more tropical vibes, glue it with tiny beach accessories.

Scenic Sand – $10.55

Gold Touch

Add a touch of elegance and sparkle to your home by decorating your light switch with gold leaf. It is very classic and posh and will definitely complement any room in your house, whatever theme they have. You can check out this awesome tutorial by Sarah of Sarah Hearts on how she incorporated a gold leaf in a switch cover.

Gold Leaf for Arts, Gilding Crafting, Decoration – $6.99

Decorating your light switch cover is pretty easy. It is also a great way to add colors or accents to any room. Which one of these five styles do you like the most? Let us know in the comments, and don’t forget to share your design with us.

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