5 Essential French Provincial Design Rules To Follow

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French Provincial has to be one of the most well-loved interior design styles. It can also be considered a “classic” and a timeless interior design hence its popularity. If you love a little elegance without going overboard, French provincial design is the perfect embodiment of casual elegance – it’s elegant but not too luxurious. It is very laid back and an ideal style for an individual, a couple, or a family. Thinking about trying this interior design style? Here are French provincial design rules you can follow:

What is French Provincial?

Let‘s jog our memory and find out what the French Provincial is. The French Provincial style is rooted in the mid to late 1700s, a usual reflection of various provincial homes in France’s Provence, Bordeaux, Normandy, and Brittany areas. During this period, people who lived in these rural areas couldn’t afford expensive ornamental pieces like those in chateaus, they came up with their own.

Important French Provincial Design Rules

If you want to try this effortlessly chic interior design, we’ve got you covered! Here is an easy guide on how you can master French provincial design and live your French dreams:

Pay Homage to The Past

Whatever furniture or whether you are living in a French home, these pieces of furniture or buildings already have their own story – so your main goal should be to highlight these features instead of changing them. A good design should flow and bring all the designs together – the casual and elegant character creating a space with casual luxury.

French Provincial Design Rules
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Don’t Be Afraid of Eclecticism

A little eclecticism won’t hurt anybody. Don’t be afraid to mix different pieces of furniture as long as they flow together – get creative! You can pick out some furniture from each era and make them work together. This won’t only make your space look aesthetically pleasing, but it also creates and adds a story.

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Effortlessly Chic

If you’re having a hard time coming up with inspiration, why not turn to fashion? Have a look at French fashion ( effortlessly chic) and draw inspiration from it. One feature you’ll probably notice is its simplicity and their love for vintage. They’re not trying too hard and keep things simple and elegant. Take some decor from the past as well as new decor.

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Be Conscious of Your Surroundings

Being conscious means being aware of your carbon footprint and being a responsible human being. Be mindful of your use of things, generally; if you can, reduce, reuse and recycle. Use sustainable and eco-friendly materials in your decor. Though French Provincial is still a bit “traditional,” if you do have a budget, think about powering up your home with solar power.

French Lifestyle

If you really love French Provincial design, why not consider the French lifestyle? French provincial design is not just a mere “interior design” it is a lifestyle. Embrace the laid-back and no-fuss French lifestyle. Look at function instead of mainly looking at the “aesthetics” of furniture. If you like something but think it’s outdated or can be improved, refurbish or upcycle them.

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These are just some important French provincial design rules that you can start with. Remember these are just guides, and you can still include your own touch or twist to this well-loved interior design.

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