6 Decorating Tips for Asian Inspired Living Room

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Are you in love with the Oriental decor style? Do you love being immersed in different cultures and heritage? If you love luxury and tranquility, you must try decorating and transforming your living room into an Asian-inspired living room. It is rich and super interesting.

What’s To Love About an Asian-Inspired Living Room?

The Asian Decor Style is all about infusion. It’s an infusion of different cultures, history, and style ranging from the Land of the Rising Sun – Japan, The Red Dragon – China or to something more exotic like India; The Land of Prayers. Home Portfolio’s Lisa Frederick described it as, “Asian design reflects traditions and cultural nuances that have existed for millennia. The beauty of the natural world is one of the crucial common threads that tie together specific design customs from the far-flung regions of Asia, as is a sense of elegance and integrity. Although the style has an exotic edge, it feels restful and approachable.

Decorating Tips for an Asian-Inspired Living Room

Channel the timeless beauty of the Orient by transforming your living room into an Asian-inspired living room. Here are some tips you can try in your living room:

Start With A Neutral Base

With Oriental or Asian decor (style specifically for your Asian inspired living room), you’ll be dealing with a lot of colors. So, you’d want to start with a clean slate. Having a neutral base with balance out all the colors in your living room. Start with white, gray or taupe for your wall color.

Asian Inspired Living Room
Paint by Colorhouse GRAIN .05 – $8

Pay Homage to Nature

Oriental decor style is known for its love for nature. Incorporate it in your Asian-inspired living room by adding some plants, flowers, wooden furniture and indoor water fountain decor. This will help create a more tranquil and relaxing environment.

Occasionals Table – $274.99
Waterdrop Indoor Table – $149.4


Having asymmetry comes balance, you can mimic balance (aside from having neutral walls) by getting two furniture or small decor item and placing them near each other or in between other items. Looking at asymmetry gives a calming feeling.

Green Ceramic Beautiful Peacock Pattern Desktop Plate – $27.49

Oriental Pieces

Of course, you can’t miss adding Oriental/Asian pieces furniture to your Asian inspired living room. Choose pieces that you really like, it could be vintage or something more modern. You can look at traditional houses from Asia for inspiration.


Folding Floor Screen with Three Panels Asian Design – $99


Chloe Daybed with Suspension Deck Asian Design Squared Angles – $399.99


If you want to add a really outstanding Asian piece, you can opt for adding some Buddha statues. They symbolize wealth, joy, and kindness. A large sitting Buddha in a corner would be a fantastic focal point. You can also look into statues of Indian Gods and Goddesses if you want something a bit different from Buddha statues.

Asian Paintings

What screams “Asian/Oriental Decor” more than Japanese or Chinese paintings? For an Asian-inspired living room, this decor is on top of the list. Hanging a large painting would make a good touch and also a conversational piece, most of these painting have compelling stories.

Chinese Landscape Painting – $86.49

There you have it, Asian/Oriental decor is really fun to do. It’s beautiful and most especially, it is rich in stories. If you want more inspiration, you can check our posts here.


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