6 Design-Savvy DIY Wall Decors

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We’ve written a few posts about walls; from accent walls, bathroom wall mural ideas to choosing the best color for your bedroom walls. I mean, it is a big part of every house, right? However, choosing a design or color for your walls can be overwhelming. Now, if you want a unique and one-of-a-kind one, then you can draw inspiration from our gathered six design-savvy do-it-yourself wall decors.

6 Easy Design-Savvy DIY Wall Decors

Decorating your walls shouldn’t be expensive or necessarily be bought at all. Check out these 6 DIY wall decors:

Loud and Proud

If you or a family member has a knack for creating art crafts, especially in the art of painting, then be proud of that skill and use it. Flowers, abstracts, cityscapes, or landscapes are great subjects for the wall in your living room.

Black Picture Frame – $14.95

Reminisce Old Times

Head towards your attic or storage room and look for any old yet lovely fabric, such as a used printed blouse or skirt. Frame this fabric using an antique frame or make a frame out of pieces of wood. You may hang your framed fabric in your hallway or above our sofa in our living room.

Wall Decors
Antique Gold Molding with Rich Floral Designs – $33.83

In the Left Corner

Decorating your wall does not necessarily mean focusing on the center. Your bedroom’s corner walls can be a great space to put on your collections. Artworks or photos that can be grouped and formed into different shapes are also a good idea.

Openings Multi-Shaped Collage Frame – $17.99

Put Some Texture or a Different Paint Design

Paint your wall with your choice of color and use a brush or a sponge to create a pattern while the paint is still wet. Your old painted wall can be decorated with a new design. Cover a roller brush with plastic and keep the plastic in place with a rubber band.

Pour in a maximum of three colors on your roller tray. Arrange the colors and pour them on different areas of your tray according to your choice or order (e.g. red on the left, white in the middle section, and orange on right). Use your roller brush covered in plastic to spread the paint on your old wall.

Stanley Premium 8-Piece Paint Kit – $14.94

Strings Attached

Decorate the wall above your headboard with paper-cut flowers or plastic flowers. Glue or sew your artificial flowers on strings. After which, hang the strings on a piece of stick which you’ll place above your headboard.

DIY String Art: 24 Designs to Create and Hang – $14.95

Here is the last and one of the most fun wall decor…

Origamis on a Canvas
Origami paper cubes are great for your child’s bedroom wall. We have found a step-by-step guide on how to create origami paper cubes. Below are detailed steps while you can look up the images from this guide.

To make these paper cubes, prepare 6 pieces of square paper. Try using different colors of 6 x 6 inches of origami paper, although regular copy paper will also do.

Step 1: Begin by folding a piece of paper in half and then opening it back up.
Step 2: Fold each side over to the center line and crease it well.
Step 3: Flip the paper over.
Step 4: Fold the bottom left corner up and over to the right and crease it well.
Step 5: Then fold the top right corner over to the left and crease it well.
Step 6: Turn the paper so that the points face directly up and down. Fold the top corner down and crease.
Step 7: Next, you have to fold the bottom corner up and crease.
Step 8: Fit the pieces together by sliding the end flap of one piece into the centerfold of another.

BUBU Origami Paper Double Sided Color – $6.99

Then add another paper section and continue adding paper sections.

Place your origami on canvas and frame them. Butterfly origamis are also visually appealing to look at and can adorn your living room walls too.

Walls shouldn’t always be boring because there are tons of ways to spruce them up. You can paint them in a non-traditional color, a wall mural, or a DIY wall decor. Which one of these did you like the most?

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