6 Modern French Country Bedroom Ideas

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Whether you’re tired of how your bedroom looks and are planning to renovate or completely start from scratch and design a new one, you might want to consider bringing in a modern French country atmosphere. We are sharing with you today 6 ideas to help you jump-start your simple yet elegant personal space! It is one of the most relaxing settings that is best to create for your bedroom.

6 Modern French Country Bedroom Ideas

See our suggestions below to determine if the modern French country style fits your taste:

Exposed beams, tall windows, high ceilings, chandeliers, old furniture or antique framed piece, and a garden of flowers. We suggest these 6 things when planning to incorporate a modern French country bedroom for your new home or renovate an old bedroom.

Modern French Country
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A naturally exposed wooden beam brings a feel of the French country style to your new room as soon as you enter it, especially if the rest of the rooms are differently interiorly designed. If you are redesigning your area, you might want to get a good designer to mimic the look of the exposed beam in your room. You can also use peel-and-stick reclaimed wood for ceilings.

High ceilings, tall windows, and a modern and elegant chandelier would match your exposed beam perfectly!

The tall windows provide the natural light and the breezy feel of your French country-designed space. You may use a lightweight gray-white-gray drapery to control the amount of natural light to illuminate your room any time of the day. Bonus tip: use only warm soft colors or a subtle color palette to harmonize with the rest of the stuff inside your room, especially your linens and wall paint, to achieve the room project you desire.

Accent your ceiling with a nice and stylish chandelier such as a 4-light geometric type or a 6-light chandelier.

Another way to accent your space is by placing in a piece of distressed furniture, an antique object, or any old-looking piece of art such as a distressed black wood picture frame, a timeworn yet still highly functional wall clock, cabinets, or drawers in washed-gray tones, or a mirror in iron wrought frames. If your bed is already a vintage looking one, you can contrast this with an upholstered modern-looking bench.

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Flowers are a natural and fresh way to adorn your room. Hence, it is best to grow your own flora for a cost-effective way of ornamenting your modern French country-styled room. Moreover, garden-fresh flowers bring a relaxing mood which helps you wind down after a tiring day.

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Botanical components (actual plants or printed in fabrics – such as using the Fleur de Lys pattern), tall windows, high ceilings, distressed furniture, and exposed beams are a few of the basic elements of a French Country designed home, which can be copied and followed for your personal space.

Create at least three mood boards you have in mind to visualize the tone you want to establish and form, as well as know in advance where to purchase the things you need.

If you see yourself getting excited to style your personal space this way, don’t waste time and start working on it. You may get an expert’s help to achieve your stunning modern French country-designed bedroom.

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