6 Teen Room Ideas You Should Try

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Creating a fun and unique teen room can be challenging. Teens nowadays are design-conscious and are always in the know about the latest trends. However, some teenagers are still not quite ready to give up their childhood. From old stuff or toys, it’s important to keep that in mind to make a smooth transition. A teen will most likely treat their room as their “own space,” a place to get away and relax- so most probably, they are going to spend a lot of time in their rooms. If you’re looking for some teen room ideas, we’ve got you covered.

Planning A Teen Room

When you are planning on a teen room, consider things like – budget, design, and functionality. Set a fixed budget and work over that. No matter how big or small the bedroom is, make sure it’s functional and comfortable. Give them space to study, sleep and a mini area to lounge and entertain their friends.

Now for the design, there’s a lot of choices to choose from but remember to include your teenagers in the design process. Not all teens have the same preference, so it’s essential to really cater to what they like and their personalities.

6 Teen Room Ideas You Should Try

If you’re having a hard time picking a design or theme for a teen room, here are six teen room ideas they’ll definitely enjoy:

Shabby Chic

A little bit country, a little bit French provincial. Shabby chic charm contains minimal color palettes, and pops of color are usually pink or “happy” hues but are used sparingly. Many fall for this design because of its simplicity, rustic charm, plus it’s also relatively easy to decorate.

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White Bedroom

White bedrooms can give an aura of elegance, yet the options are endless. Whether your teen likes pink, sky blue, or any other color, it would be easy to incorporate it into a dominant white bedroom. It’s also perfect for teens who love minimalism and the “crisp white” look.

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Subtle and Sophisticated

For teens who love being feminine without going overboard, go for subtle and sophisticated. Teens love colors, so this teen room idea is the best of both worlds. It has colors, yet it’s not too loud and just right especially for teenage girls.

teen room
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Nautical Decor

Get lost in the sea without leaving your bedroom. Teenagers will appreciate the nautical theme because of its color palette and subtle design. Blue is the color of the sky and sea and is often associated with depth and stability. It’s a color that promotes calmness and combined with the nautical theme; it’s perfect for relaxation and improving focus.

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Sports Theme

As teens grow into their own personalities, their love for sports can also strengthen, so if your child loves sports, you can incorporate it in their room. Put up posters of athletes who double as positive role models, or pick a color palette based on their favorite team to help incorporate your teen’s sense of personal identity into the decor.

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Cool and Classy

Now for the teenagers who like to keep things cool and uncomplicated, a simple bedroom would do. Stick to neutral or pastel colors, and create a focal point. For example, a framed sports car poster or cap collection on the side. The key to keeping it neat and clean is to put sufficient storage.

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Lastly, the important thing to keep in mind in designing a teen room is their comfort and convenience. Do you have more ideas in mind? Share them below.

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