Become a Home Improvement Rockstar in 6 Weeks

Learn the basic skills and tools you’ll need in this 6 week intensive.


Look, moving into your first “adult” home feels awesome…until it hits you.

No Supers, no parents…it’s all up to you now. So what are you going to do when your kitchen sink drips, or when you want to get fancy locks…or what the hell color light bulb should you get for your bedroom? 

Relax, I’ve got you covered with this easy course. For the next 6 weeks, we’ll cover a new focus of the basics to get your home up and running without having to become a master at anything.

What will you learn?

This isn’t for the Bob Villas out there, this course is for the rest of us! Each week you’ll tackle basic tasks and tips for maintaining all aspects of your home.

Each week covers a specific topic and includes links to videos and tools that can make life 400% easier.


Learn how to maintain the interior of your home from painting to finding the right lighting, all the way to cleaning efficiently (without getting overwhelmed about it)


Yard work and exterior home upkeep can be overwhelming...where do you even start? We cover both of these topics in easy-to-follow videos


Plumbing and lighting can feel terrifying, but they don't have to be! We cover the basics on how to handle simple tasks without having to call the plumber. 

Tech Upgrades

Learn how to utilize smart home technology and install it yourself (if we could do it, you DEFINITELY can, too!)

A collection of tools that are yours forever

The course is sent via email every week so you’ll have access to it forever! Keep it as an archive for when you need it, or run through the weeks as they’re sent out – it’s your home, run it at your own pace!

Just the facts , not the overwhelm

This course is meant to guide you through the basic steps of creating a beautiful and efficient home. We include links to products and videos from around the web that give you expert advice without the anxiety of having to learn everything.

What Others Say

Super useful class, now I have an archive of DIY tips I can refer to forever!

Anna O.

Megan's class covers the basics of what you'll need to know to keep your house running smoothly.

Emma K.

The smart home week was my favorite, I loved learning about all the cool tech options that we could install ourselves!

Kasey M.

Hey, I'm Megan!

I left NYC for a chance to renovate a 1930’s Cape Cod in Upstate NY…but my husband and I had no clue what we had gotten ourselves into! I created this bootcamp for people like us: wanting to turn your house into a home all your own and learning how to maintain it with basic steps.

Ready to get started? Let's do this!
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