65 Awesome Gifts for Crafters and DIY Junkies

65 Awesome Gifts for Crafters and DIY Junkies

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This one goes out to all my crafty folks out there who just want someone to feed their addictions! I ran a soap and candle business that garnered 5 industry awards and was in over 100 publications, and it all started with a DIY lip balm-making kit. So believe me when I say: I get it. Whether your gift recipient is a Swiss Knife type who can do all the crafts or prefers to go all-in on one specific niche, these gifts for crafters will getcha covered and make them WAY thankful.

Gifts for Crafters and DIY Junkies

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Gift Cards

Crafter Kits, Tools, and Machines

These all come straight from Amazon

Cricut Maker Machine

Just a heads up: it’s pronounced “Cricket” and not “Cry-Cut” (I found that out the hard way). Cricut’s newest crafting machine handles a ton of projects from vinyl to woodcutting, so it’s a really versatile tool that’s on a lot of crafters’ wishlists.

Silhouette Cameo 4

Similar to Cricut, and this is my opinion, the Silhouette is more for designers and illustrators because of its more-advanced software. Going by what I’ve read when someone is deciding between the two machines, if your gift recipient is well-versed in Adobe Illustrator, then they can handle Silhouette, but if they’re more of a hobbyist the Cricut is more up their alley.

Sewing Machine

I don’t currently have a sewing machine, though I wish someone would get me one because I love love love the idea of having a nice machine so I could do more than basic repairs. The one I’ve been eyeing up is the SINGER Quantum Stylist 9960 because it’s portable, has an auto-pilot mode (aka idiot-proof), and has an automatic needle threader which is CLUTCH.

Photo Studio

This is the exact one I use, and if your giftee is at all considering selling their handicrafts, I’d recommend this in a heartbeat solely because it includes overhead LED lights on the top. Believe me, it can be difficult to get the lighting right on a photo if you’re not a pro, so this takes out a lot of the guesswork.

Deluxe Woodburning Kit

Screen Printing Kit

Soap Making Kit

The next couple of kits are the BEST solely because you’ll get a gift out of them! Melt and Pour soapmaking kits are really popular and an easy entryway into the addictive world of soapmaking.

Lip Balm Making Kit

Unfortunately, they don’t seem to make the one I started out with, but this kit looks really similar.

Candle Making Kit

This kit is so GORGEOUS, I love the tins that are included, they look like they’re from Voluspa

Jewelry Making Kit

This kit seems to have a lot of different options so they can pick up wire wrapping or beading.

Knitting and Crochet Gifts

Scrapbooking and Planner Gifts

Calligraphy Gifts

Gifts for Artists

Art and Craft Books

Desks Made for Crafting

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