Airbnb can be a great source of additional income for people because it’s easy to get started in, making it potentially profitable. Some even made it their primary source of income, while others do it for their love for interior design. Whatever their reason, you can just imagine how much work goes into decorating and making sure renters will love their temporary homes. If you’re planning to put your home on Airbnb or if you’re already listed and simply want to attract more customers, we’re going to share with you seven Airbnb home decorating tips that will have your place booked in no time.

Airbnb Home Decorating Tips: Know Your Audience

Before you actually decorate your home, start by identifying your target audience. Are you targeting families, couples, friends or business travelers? Once you’ve identified your audience, optimize your listing and design around it. For example, business travelers would appreciate fast internet and a printer. Meanwhile, a family would love an Airbnb home with entertainment for kids.

7 Airbnb Home Decorating Tips

If you’re a bit unsure or you need an idea on how to decorate your Airbnb home rental, here are some great ideas you can try:


Pick A Theme

If you want your rental to stand out and be remembered by renters, choose a unique theme. Most, if not all, Airbnb guests are seeking for something different or a unique experience. They don’t want a generic looking room. Choose from Cottage Style, Asian Inspired, French Provincial or whatever aesthetic you think will work best for your interior spaces.


Don’t Overspend

Remember, your goal is to make a profit from your Airbnb home so if you spend too much, you’ll likely lose money. However, it doesn’t mean your home should look cheap! Luxury isn’t about buying insanely expensive furniture or accessories but maximizing options with what you have. It’s all about your vision and creativity.


Keep Your Space Clean

Besides the interior, cleanliness should be your priority. Keep your Airbnb home spic and span, especially places like the bathroom and bedroom. A lot of guests will appreciate a clean and fresh smelling home so make sure to clean, sanitize and spray some air freshener on your space.

Airbnb Home Decorating Tips
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It’s All In The Details

You don’t have to spend a lot on decorating your home, all you need is an inspiration and a bit of vision. To make a bedroom or a living room interesting, use various decorative pillows (just make sure they look good together), or you can place some nice looking decoration – a candle, painting or flowers. If you want your guest to feel cozy and ‘at home,' I suggest you incorporate hygge decor elements into your design.

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Provide Them The Essentials

When you’re decorating and focusing on making your home look beautiful, it’s easy to overlook the essentials. Don’t forget to include fresh towels, soap, shampoo, bottled water and kitchen utensils. Of course, many of these are not a requirement, but it’s a good courtesy to your guests, and they’d surely appreciate it.

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Make Sure Everything’s Working

Before you list and after every guest rents your Airbnb home, make sure everything stays in working order. Go through an entire daily routine and check to make sure everything's running smoothly. From water supply to the electronics in the house. You wouldn’t want to have a guest calling you in the middle of the night because your water heater is not working. Check and double check everything’s up and ready to use.


Comfort Is Important

When you’re decorating your Airbnb home, your guest's comfort should be your priority. Something you can invest on is good pillows and mattress, as well as the couch in the living room. Having extra beds/mattresses are also a plus especially if your target audience is families.


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Follow these seven Airbnb home decorating tips, and you’ll end up with a fully booked and high rated Airbnb. Got any more tips to share? Leave them in the comment below.