7 French Provincial Designs That Will Inspire You

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It’s a new year and a new start, this is also the time when people think of changing things up, whether it’s it in their personal life or as simple as redesigning homes. Well, if you like elegance and functionality – French Provincial Design might be your type. Colors that mimic the landscape, big wooden farmhouse tables, rustic floors and intricately designed molding. The French Provincial style is rooted in the mid to late 1700s, a usual reflection of various provincial homes in France – Provence, Bordeaux, Normandy, and Brittany.

During this period, people who lived in these rural places couldn’t afford expensive ornamental pieces like those in chateaus, they came up with their own. This is why this style often exudes simplicity and airiness. With the combination of ornate furnishings, fine linens and gentle tones to create an elegant and sophisticated look that, done right, can work as well in a modern setting as it can in the most ornate of historic abodes.

With that said, here are some French Provincial Design ideas that you can try:

7 French Provincial Essential Pieces You Need

1. Chandelier – A spacious kitchen decorated with simple yet elegant chandelier speaks very French Provincial. It doesn’t have to be very expensive – you can buy a new one that you think will blend well with your existing setup or by buying an old chandelier. Another option is, if you’re on a really tight budget, you can probably get a chandelier at a lower cost from flea markets.

2. White Walls – pastel walls, beige or usually white walls is another distinctive characteristic of this style. Most of the time, it is a plain color or something with minimal designs. Having a plain wall color makes the overall furniture pop out – this can be done by painting or by installing a wallpaper.


Swept Plaster Paintable Wallpaper – $24.95

3. Fireplace – Another distinctive characteristic of this style is the big fireplace in which the family can gather around during the cold months. If you already have a fireplace, you can also put a fireplace screen to make it more interesting. The chopped woods also add its own charm.

Western Electric Fireplace Insert with Remote Control – $334.99

4. Mirrors – Dining room with big mirrors, look at the frame of this mirror for example – see the molding? Very chic! With a vintage-looking wooden table and chair, it would look extra elegant.

Arched-Top Wall Mirror – $57.90

5. Cabinets – Have you seen Marie Antoinette’s decor style or like any old French movies? I mean this could totally pass as one of the living room pieces in those movies. Even with white as the only color, it still gives a simplistic posh vibe.

Double Door Floor Cabinet

6. Curtains – This sitting room with big windows and beige curtains. I could totally see myself relaxing in this place for hours. It looks very warm and inviting, despite the limited color scheme.

French Door Panel Curtains Paisley Scroll Printed Linen Textured – $16.99

7. Modernize – Even though the French Provincial style originated from the 17th century, it doesn’t mean that you are stuck with that particular period. Just look at this modern take on the French Provincial closet.

I hope you enjoy this and are inspired you to try out different things in your home. Remember, if you want to redecorate your house, it doesn’t have to be drastic; take things slowly and incorporate things at your own pace.

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