8 Amazing French Country DIY Projects

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Looking for more DIY projects to add to your French-inspired home? Worry no more, we’ve compiled a list of eight easy and inexpensive French country DIY projects.

8 Amazing French Country DIY Projects

Feel the French Country vibe right at your own home with these 8 amazing DIY projects.

1 Chair Re-Upholstery

Distinct to French Country furniture, especially tables, and chairs, are the cabriole legs. However, if the available chairs you have don’t have cabriole legs, you can still achieve the French Country-inspired chair by merely reupholstering it and decorating it with a pattern. You may follow the tutorial in this link on how to do this. The pattern used in the video was a Corsini Damask, replace it with Fleur-de-lis to stick with the French country style.

2 Fabric Wall Art

This tutorial will show you how to craft your own wall art with any patterned fabric. Botanical elements are usually some of the prints commonly found in a French country-inspired home. In case you don’t have these types of designed fabric at home, the good news is you can actually design your own. The next video will show you how.

3 Customize Your Fabric

Choose your French design, and your fabric material, and follow the steps on customizing your printed fabric. We recommend using the Toile de Jouy pattern.

French country DIY
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4 Pillowcase

You can further use your custom-designed fabric and make your own throw pillow case.

Foamily Premium Hypoallergenic Stuffer Pillow

5 Paint the Room Yourself

Build that French country ambiance by painting the room yourself. One kitchen color inspiration you might like that used muted gray and blue colors.

6 Barn Wood Shutters

Include these DIY barn wood shutters as part of your home decor. Distressing the wood with vaseline is also a great idea.

7 Flowers

Placing that barn wood shutter above your faux fireplace (as suggested in the above DIY blog) greatly adds style to your wall, but complementing it with botanical elements completes your French country statement.

Below is a flower making tutorial in case you don’t have extra time purchasing or picking fresh flowers every now and then.

Here are the things you need to make a realistic flower with stems, with a no-sew process.

  1. 35 mm Styrofoam ball
  2. Floral wire stems
  3. Organza fabric
  4. Polyester lining fabric
  5. Flower petal pattern
  6. Fabric scissors
  7. Candle
  8. Lighter
  9. Hot glue gun
  10. Glue sticks

Place your lovely flowers in a French painted can or jar.

8 French Painted Cans, Pots, and Jars

Master the art of distressing items with this last tutorial we found for you. Most of the materials you’ll be needing will be pretty much similar to the pieces of stuff used in the previous tutorials.

Additionally, you can watch this tutorial video in case you might want to use whitewashed terra cotta pots for your fresh flowers in your garden.

The beauty of doing distressed or whitewashed items is that you don’t have to paint them evenly to achieve your target results.

French country DIY
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One important thing we would want to remind you when crafting your DIY projects is to always be extra careful, especially when using sharp objects. Safety first! Find out how good you are at accomplishing your 8 amazing French country DIY projects by starting today.

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