Despite ebooks being popular as a literary medium, there’s still something about a physical book. It’s nostalgic and just feels better. So whether you’re a certified bookworm or you just love showing off your precious collection of books, you will love this post. If you’re thinking about new ways to display your books and showcase the works of art that they are, we’ve compiled eight bookshelf ideas that will surely get everyone talking.

8 Bookshelf Ideas Guaranteed To Make Everyone Jealous

We’ve got these eight ideas for you that would surely make your visitors jealous.  


  1. Starburst  

If you have a big empty wall space in your home, this first idea a great and enjoyable fixture to have.

Create this awesome starburst-like shaped bookshelves using different size of boxes and have them affixed on your wall.  It’s a lot of hard work but it’s also a stunner! If you don’t have a big space, you can opt for a smaller version which can also add beauty to your wall. The separation of each box is useful when you organize your books according to the topic.

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  1. Rotating bookshelf

An empty corner inside your house can be a superb spot for you to place a rotating bookshelf. You can pattern this to those rotating disc or cardholders with a larger space of holders to custom-fit to the sizes of your books.  You may also want to shape it like a pine tree, so you can also put some blinking lights during the Christmas season and convert it as your Christmas tree.

Bookshelf Ideas
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  1. Chair bookshelf

Ever dreamed about having your books within your hands? Now, you can! Fabricate your own chair with a built-in bookshelf by following this detailed instruction by Darko K on Instructables. This piece is perfect for your reading nook.

  1. Stairway to learning

If you’re just building your home, you can ask your contractor or a carpenter to create a sturdy  bookshelf staircase for you, just ask him to incorporate shelves underneath the steps. This saves little space under your staircase for your other stuff while utilizing some right beneath it.

Another way to utilize the space under your staircase is by building built-in bookshelves under it, Harry Potter anyone?

  1. Ladder + Wood

Love the industrial decor? The ladder and wood bookshelf is a perfect choice. You just need a wooden/steel ladder and planks of woods to go between each step/spaces of the ladder. Make sure to properly secure them so you have a sturdy shelf.

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Bookshelf Ideas for Your Kids

We’ve mentioned a few concepts which can be captivating for the young at hearts. However, do not forget that your kids might also be interested in organizing their own things. Oftentimes we focus on filling their rooms with toys and designing it with fun and colorful wall decors.

Find out below what other things can we use to have those appealing bookshelves.

  1. That big dollhouse to a grand “book house.”

When your little girl is not so little anymore, she may not play more often with her dollhouse.  Although you may find yourself having a bit of difficulty convincing her to give it to a younger cousin or friend to get rid of it (as it consumes a big space in your storage room). Why not convert it to your daughter’s customized bookshelf? Rearrange and tweak her “dollhouse” to accommodate her story books. It’s like hitting two birds in one stone: you were able to repurpose an old toy and organized her books.  

  1. Lulla-crib bookshelf

If you think there are no more babies to use the crib and have no way to dispose of it (or you’re just sentimental), transform it to an appealing bookshelf which can entice your kids to fill it with their favorite books. Set up a portion of it to contain some stuffed toys and the rest for books.  The sides of the crib can be assembled with additional bookshelves.

  1. Wall décor bookshelf

Add more fun to your kids’ reading time by decorating their wall with their favorite pet.  Draw the pet in a way that it can match a fixture as part of its body. If you place a wooden bar onto its stomach, you can enhance the imagination of your kid that as the bar holds more books, the pet gets fuller and stronger.


Organizing your books shouldn’t be a problem. There are tons of inspiring bookshelf ideas you can try.  Do not limit yourself. Be creative.