8 Easiest Plants to Grow On Your Garden

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Gardening itself is already fun. But, gardening and harvesting/seeing the fruits of your labor (figuratively and literally) is so much more exciting. There’s something rewarding about seeing your plants bear fresh fruit and grow. In today’s post, we’ll share with you the eight easiest plants to grow.


Even though these plants are easy to grow, you can’t just also dump these plants on soil and expect them to grow on their own. Make sure that before you actually start planting, you know the basics, like, what gardening tools you need and if the plant is suited to your weather condition.

Easiest Plants To Grow

You don’t need a green thumb to grow a garden. There are a lot of plants that take almost zero maintenance and are more likely to thrive without special care. If you’re a beginner and still testing the waters, here are eight plants you can easily grow:


Needing a lot of sun and a little water, tomatoes will grow and bear fruits all summer. According to Rodale’s Organic Life, Cherry Tomatoes are the easiest to grow. “They’re amazingly easy to grow, and even one plant will bear a steady crop of bite-size fruits all season.” Tomatoes are also nutrient-rich, so it’s definitely a must in your diet.

easiest plants to grow
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Have some carrots lying around? Plant them! Carrots will grow well in well-drained soil. Plant it on the ground and make it to the point that your soil is not rocky. Rocky soil can result in stunted growth or crooked growth. Carrots are ready to be harvested when their tops exceed the soil line. They can also be harvested before they are fully mature – these immature or young carrots are often called “baby carrots.


If you love salad, this is a treat (haha) for you. Not only lettuce is easy to grow, but they are also very healthy. They consume little space and grows super fast. If you don’t have a garden, you can even grow lettuce in containers. Before you plant your lettuce, prepare the soil. Use some tools to loosen up the soil and make sure that it will drain well.

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Considered one of the healthiest leafy plant and a “superfood,” Spinach will go well together with salads or pasta. It is also loaded with nutrients like niacin and zinc, as well as protein, fiber, vitamins A, C, E. No wonder Popeye was so strong!


If your garden gets a lot of sunlight, cucumbers are perfect for you. This plant loves sunlight. Just water them regularly, and they will produce a lot of cucumbers. Gardening Know How shared, “When planting cucumbers, choose a site that has adequate drainage and fertile soil. Good soil will have plenty of organic matter, such as compost.


For people who loves cooking, Basil is one of those herbs that you should have in your home. This aromatic herb is a match made in heaven for Italian cuisine. The best part is, you can grow it in a pot, keep it indoors. Ideally, near a window in your kitchen for easy access!

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Green Beans

Green Beans or Snap Beans are also very easy to grow. They are low maintenance, and aren’t easily affected by pests or diseases. However, you might want to plant your green beans once the soil is dry and the frost is gone. Water them regularly and apply fertilizer moderately.

With proper care, you’ll be able to harvest these plants in no time. Which of these would you like to grow? Leave a comment below!

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