8 Flea Market Shopping Tips

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In previous articles like How To Achieve A French Provincial Look On A Budget, we’ve talked about the hidden scores you can find while flea market shopping. A flea market is a market usually outdoors that sells second-hand items. If you’re on a tight budget and want to find a lot of great things, try your luck at flea markets. It’s also an ideal place to find unique, one-of-a-kind (as well as vintage) furniture pieces.

Is Flea Market Shopping For You?

If you are fond of finding a unique furniture piece that has its own personality, then you are in the right place. However, you also have to remember that flea market shopping requires focus and attention to detail. So, if you’re up for the challenge, then continue to read our shopping tips.

Flea Market Shopping Tips

Most people don’t know this but, flea market shopping is no easy task. It takes a keen eye and research to find the best items. If you’re also fortunate and experienced enough, you can get them at a lower price. Here are some tips on how to level up your flea market shopping prowess:

Dress Down

You are not going to your job and will be moving around from booth to booth, so it’s better to dress in comfortable clothes. Based on our observation, it is also more likely that you’ll snag some good deals or discounts if you’re wearing less extravagant clothes.

Make A List

Going to a flea market is like going to an adult version of a toy store; there’s just too much to look at, and it can be overwhelming. Make sure you write a shopping list as to not get off track of your goals. Making a list also helps make sure you don’t forget that one critical piece your home is missing.

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Set A Budget

With all the lovely things around you, it is easy to overspend. So, before you even go to the flea market, make sure you set a budget. You can even go more in-depth by allocating an amount you are willing to spend on a piece of furniture/decoration. Remember that quite often, you’ll have the opportunity to haggle a little, which is all the better for your budget. Speaking of…

Learn How To Haggle

Don’t be afraid to negotiate the price and ask for a discount. A good tip is to build rapport first, make some small talk and haggle your way in. If it seems like you can’t meet a common ground, walk away. Sometimes when they see that you’re serious about walking away, they’ll lower or negotiate the price.

Start Early

Yes, the early bird catches the worm. In this case, the early shopper catches a good deal, and you’ll have a lot of chances of finding awesome pieces if you arrive early, giving you first dibs on the most amazing pieces.

Bring A Bag

If you’re most likely buying small pieces, don’t forget to bring your own bag. However, if you’re buying bigger pieces, you can opt for something like a trolley bag or cart. This will make your flea market shopping experience much easier.

Shop With A Friend

Going with a friend will help you accomplish a lot and save a bit of time. You can divide and conquer, just make sure you are on the same page with the items you’re buying.

Have Cash

A few flea market vendors accept cards, so don’t forget to bring cash. Bring as much money as you’re willing to spend or base it on your budget and the items you’re going to buy. Remember to have various small bills, as vendors will get huffy about changing $100 for a $10 item early in the morning.

What’s your trick for bargain hunting at flea markets? Share them in the comment section below!


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