8 Practical Ways to Winter-Proof Your Home

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It’s that time of the year to bust out your thick jackets and scarves. Though we enjoy winter (hot cocoa, anyone?), it’s also the season when minor home problems can flare up. So what better time to give some love and attention to your home than now? Be prepared and winter-proof your home to prevent your electricity bills from soaring to the roof. Ready to do some winter-proofing? Keep reading to find out how you can stay warm and dry this winter.

How to Winter-Proof Your Home

Here are eight practical ways you can safeguard and keep your home cozy and warm this winter:

Do Some Maintenance

The cheapest and easiest way to winter-proof your home is by doing some routine maintenance. Check every part of your house – roofing, windows, doors, and most especially, your heating system. Once you’ve checked, repair what needs to be fixed and replace broken fixtures.

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Remove Hoses

Always remove hoses from outdoor faucets before the first cold snap to prevent fixtures and pipes from cracking and freezing. This applies even to freeze-proof faucets that you’ve already turned off.

Let the Sun In

Keep the curtains and shades open on the sunny sides of the house during winter days. Letting in the sun creates passive solar heat, which helps to warm the rooms. On the other hand, once the sun has set, keep the curtains closed to keep the heat inside.

Prevent Frozen Pipes

Wrap thermostat-controlled heat tape or cable around exposed pipes that tend to freeze. When the ambient temperature approaches freezing, the heating cable will automatically warm up, thus preventing the pipes from freezing up.

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Mind the Gaps

Cracks and gaps around doors and windows are a source of leaked heat. To prevent the heat from leaking out, seal the gaps with inexpensive insulating strips. If you have dog or cat doors/flaps, make sure they’re also tightly sealed shut. Same with an unused fireplace, you can close it down with a chimney balloon or the flue.


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Use a Thermostat

Install an inexpensive or, if you can, invest in a good thermostat. Set the thermostat on a timer to control and regulate the temperature inside your home. Keep it around 65 degrees while you’re at work, but no lower.

Clear the Gutters

When there are leaves or other elements blocking your gutter, chances are blockages will happen during heavy rain or storm, so make sure to clear out your gutters. Water needs to flow freely through the pipes to avoid any moisture on the roof or walls.


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Ditch Your Old Carpet

Another way to winter-proof your home is by ditching your old carpet and getting a new one. Carpets add a layer of insulation and help to keep warm. You won’t also have to worry about getting cold feet with a new carpet.

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What steps are you taking to winter-proof your home? Leave a comment and share it with us!

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