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Hi, I'm Megan

my past has been full of DIY and learning new tricks for old methods, so much so that I created and ran a 5x award-winning skincare business for nearly a decade. In 2015, though, I knew that I had run the course with that life, and decided to pivot into teaching others how to run their own businesses successfully, especially if they had a limited budget.

But my DIY brain wouldn’t stop going. And when we made the ginormous decision to leave NYC and buy our home in Upstate NY, I knew that I wanted to share that journey, too. That’s why I’m here today!

This blog and this home undertaking are my new hobby, the thing that lets me step away from business coaching and just have my zen moments. Welcome to my meditations.

Cant Help It, Love It (Fall/Winter Edition)

The Beige House
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