How To Achieve A Minimalist Bedroom

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Did you know that clutter and household mess can actually be elevating your stress levels, making you feel unhappy? Minimalism may be the key to a happier and more relaxed outlook in life.

The term minimalism” first appeared in the middle of 1960s of the 20th century and mainly was used to describe sculptures of Robert Morris and Donald Judd. Since then, the meaning of this word widened, and now it’s used in different spheres, from fashion and music to design and architecture.

By changing certain habits or even trying out new design trend like minimalism, you can lessen the stress in your life which is really good – mentally and physically. I mean, who likes being stressed anyways? Though, if a minimalist interior is new and kinda intimidating for you, don’t worry we’ve got you covered!

Minimalist Bedroom Tips

Here are some quick tips that can help you achieve a minimalist bedroom:

Downsize Your Belongings – this goes without saying, whether you are actually going for the minimalist look or not, go through every room in the house and decide on which items you can let go of. (Yes, throw out or donate unnecessary things!) However, downsizing your bedroom doesn’t necessarily mean keeping it empty. You can change furniture that you think may be too distracting. For example, in a minimalist bedroom, a simple or frame-less bed works best.

Aura Modern Metal Low Profile Thick Slats Support Platform Bed Frame

Have Sufficient Storage Space – Clutter is the enemy of minimalist design. Go for built-in cabinets and shelves. But, if that is too much work, you can always invest in simple and neutral-colored cabinets.

Folding Storage Ottoman Bench – $37.99

The same goes with the dresser, and other storage units, remember to choose a design that’s not too over-the-top.

Spencer Nightstand in Raw Cotton design by Redford House – $1335

When you’re looking for a nightstand, pick something that is “basic” – meaning simple and neat. Keep in mind that we’d like the area to stay pretty stark. Multi-functional pieces will also help with storage, so for example if you also need a light in your room, you can just buy a table lamp and place it over the nightstand.

Vintage Task Lamp With Bulb – $89.99

Go For Neutral Colors – Minimalistic interiors, most of the time stick to monochromatic palettes, neutrals like black, white and grey. However, it doesn’t mean that you can have colors in your bedroom, put artwork in your room or a colored chair as a pop of color.

Mid Century Modern Grey Fabric Rocking Chair

Patterns What can make a minimalist bedroom look more put together is by creating repetition, arrange your decor in an equally spaced series to create a visual accent.

Photo Frame Set
Mediterranean Sea Picture Wall Photo Frame Set – $29.39

Put up a photo wall. But, before doing so, take measurements and plan your project accordingly. Stick to your minimalist theme by having the same colored frames. This will also add a personal touch to your room, and it’s totally easy!


To sum it all up, a minimalist bedroom is all about simplicity, functionality and elegance. What I like about this design and I think others will like too, is that it helps you have a clearer mind and help your stress level at bay.

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