ANYTHING BUT BEIGE Episode 14: How to Find Your Inner Power and Break Through Negativity with Dr. Sarita Cox

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Within yourself, you have your inner power and that can help you overcome negativity and also help to heal you from dis-ease.

Curious? Listen to this week’s episode with guest Naturopathy Doctor Sarita Cox and find out what modalities she uses to help her clients unleash their power within and how it can benefit you through the process.

2:31 Sarita’s journey

12:25 source explained

33:24 what should one expect when they choose to take the journey on finding the source

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Hey, guys, Megan here and this episode is a little different format wise because I forgot to ask Dr Cox to do an intro. So that’s why this sounds a little strange. My fault? Totally. But this is going to be a very cool interview, and I hope that you enjoy it too. I am talking with Dr. Sarita Cox all about. I don’t even know where to start, all about the source and the inner self and how to find peace inside and just, uh, it was such a new, inspirational, beautiful conversation and I hope you love it too. Please check her out, she has so many cool tools and guides and take her quiz on her website. It’s all linked in the show notes. So please definitely check out my guest, Dr. Sarita Cox, and, uh, prepare to have your mind blown. I am here with Dr. Sarita Cox and utilizing vital IC and nature cure principles. Dr. Cox provides diet, nutrition, lifestyle prescriptions that achieve optimum wellness and break cycles of disease through traditional medicines, elemental and seasonal wellness practices. Dr. Cox has been in clinic practice as a nature of havoc doctor and licensed acupuncturist for 17 years and element wisdom cards are her inspirational clinic pearls of affirmation and seasonal self care to re-wild yourself back to source, I love that. So beautiful, so this is one of my favorite interviews already. I want to know how you find this path? How do you get started in this kind of journey? 

So I got started on this journey in my twenties. I’ve always seen transformation, and in my twenties, I didn’t really know what my purpose in life was, which is completely valid. I mean, who is 20 really is in tune with that some people, but I wasn’t. So I saw conventional medicine to try to help my mind, body spirit find more wholesomeness and more happiness. Honestly I was in a little, you know, family dynamic patterns and self destructive habits in my exploration and what conventional medicine offered me was antidepressants and even though I tried those and talk therapy, and even though I tried those, it didn’t seem to change the discontent in the in the deep underlying causes. So while I was still in school and that’s how it got turned on to therapy is the student health clinic and I actually reached out to the greater community in Tuscaloosa, Alabama, and I found a young therapist. So I started in my late teens with a drink, somebody that really understood dream work and that really started opening different doors. That kind of allowed gentle self inquiry and awareness that I wasn’t getting really supported in my culture and the culture of conventional medicine and believe me, I’m a big fan of conventional medicine. They saved my life with a cut surgery, and I really respect specialist and family care doks and I really served with integration because the truth is integration is always the truth, and separation is always the untruth and so my health care journey started with kind of working in separation but finding integration. So time goes on and I graduate from college to go to beautiful Colorado and spend some time with that magnificent Rocky Mountain culture and again, I just found myself not having purpose, having fun, having a lot of fun, expanding my mind, enjoying the back countries. But I wasn’t getting that purpose met in my life and I’m just fortunate that I know at this point in my life, and even then I was seeking How do I serve? I’m really a servant to the heart and to purpose and humanity and so that took me on a journey to way before the Internet was really up and pumping. I used a book called Peterson’s Guide, graduated Professional Schools and because of my positive experiences with diet, helping my mind body spirit with homeopathy. Helping my mind body spirit with DreamWorks, I found a program in the Northwest two schools. I was interested in one in Seattle, one in Portland, that was never heard of it were called naturopathic doctors, and you could do a medical program that focused on diet, lifestyle counseling, physical medicine, botanical medicine and you still got the basic science of conventional medicine, pharmacy, biochemistry, anatomy and when I entered that program, all naturopathic programs require one year of a traditional medicine what I call wisdom medicines now, and that one was Chinese medicine for me. I had an incredibly inspiring teacher, a really close knit cohort of 17 other people that had come to school with purpose. They didn’t just end up in school, they were seeking something. So that was the kind of poetry and romance that was missing from the Western medicine violistic tradition that the natural paths were offering. So that’s kind of how I found it and really, I have I deeply trusted because I’ve seen the transformations happen in myself, and I see the transformations happen in the people that want transformation in their life. It’s a slow medicine journey, though these changes in these habits we don’t wake up now we can have spontaneous awakenings for sure, but most of us get the transformation by discipline and surrender to find that flow. So sorry about that and I don’t even know how to turn it off. 

No worries. Do you want to get it? 

No, I don’t wanna be,

 Fair enough, so I think that your journey is beautiful and hearing about union I was. That was my huge getting into psychology. It was union psychology and the thought of treatment analysis, but not as a like, parlor trick for lack of but more of like as a journey and creating a path with that and, you know, I love that you gave for lack of a better phrase, like the traditional stance ago, and it just it wasn’t solving your issues and I’m the same way I had. I’ve been on, well, future. and I’ve been on, you know, uh, antidepressant, you know, like, and my own. Like finding my way into my better self, I guess it’s beautiful work. Thank you is talking about it, but also, like, journaling and really trying to seek inside of me. What is who Megan is. You know, this sounds very against high level, but what I’m really interested in is hearing about elemental wisdom and especially seasonality, and you know that you feel like there’s different changes and things, and so I want to talk about that. But I also want to talk about how people get started in this journey so my mind’s all over the place. So feel free to I’m so intrigued so feel free. 

What I want to reflect to you is really that wisdom really, really does come from within and a lot of us, desperate or suffering and so there is a lot of reaching and trying and cleaning two things that we think are gonna give us insight about ourselves. But the truth is, we know everything and not in a pompous way. But the issue is we’re so overstimulated, and that creates a scattering of our spirit and really, the practices that I have found, which I call re-wilding ourselves, are taking us away from the overstimulation. Most of us can’t just pack up and do the Appalachian Trail, or we can’t just, you know, pop out for three months and go to India. Although these air wonderful things and we should, we should make goals and find them when we start doing this journey. But the truth is, Megan, it is in here, and that’s why awareness practices always work and what I would say is there’s a lot of that out there too. There’s a lot of ways to get into groups, and what I have found to be true is any self awareness practice that focuses on three things. One is awareness of your body sensations, the breath which always takes us home. It’s from birth to death, and if we focus on the breath, it concentrates our mind so that we can go deeper into sensation, which is always about our relationship meeting the external world. So we have maladies and we have triggers, but we often think they’re coming from out there. But the truth is there deep within us, and we’re reacting to those sensations so breath sensation and loving kindness or gratitude. I think any practice that brings that trinity together is always gonna lead us back toward ourselves, which is universal and wives. I’ve been very fortunate to explore medicines, which I would say, or closer to source what we’ve done in Western medicine, which has its respect, It has my respect, and it has an invaluable place in our society. However, what it has done has reduced us. It has taken the cosmology of us finding ourselves within the greater, and it has taken us into teeny tiny parts and we’re just starting to kind of get so small that we’re going to see the universe explode with, like, you know, DNA, replications and the atom. There’s a solar system, but we’re not quite there. We’re still treating orthopedics as the arms and another orthopedic group for our lower bodies and cardiologists for our heart and gastro tile entryologists for our intestines and we’re losing sight of the big picture. So in these more traditional cultures of medicine that have thousands of years of consistency, we find that they’re not as far away from source. Typically, they move from source to element to patterns of elemental speech so that we confined our unique patterns through the elements like fire, water, metal, earth and wood or whatever those traditions. Particular constellation is to help us move back towards sores. But they haven’t gone as far away. Does that make sense? 

Absolutely and I would love it if you don’t mind explaining to the listeners if they’re not aware what’s what you consider a source to be? 

Yes, so source is that thing that we cannot name. The thing that happens, we get there by doing nothing. It is the Alpha and the Omega. It is that which has no end. Some people call it the great spirit. Some people call it God. Some people call it Allah. Some people call it, you know, the divine breath. Some people are so sacred with words that can’t even speak the name. So we don’t even have to script it in a way that we never speak it. It could be the It is that thing that we saw in the profits. We see it in Mohammed. We see it in Jesus Christ. They are full of that,the Gnostics and the people, saints and poets and people that touch the muse of life. So I don’t know what we call it. We, that’s okay. Whatever we call it is okay, but the golden rules are all the same and love is really probably that which ties it all together and all the noble qualities that come out of us loving ourselves and truly finding love and compassion for other people. 

So let’s talk about the elemental part of it and how we’re able to like, uh, for those listening, you know, Sarita has a beautiful escape going on with, you know, feather earrings for air in the wood behind you and the flowers. It’s just beautiful, and I can feel the lightness that comes from that and how do you recommend it? So let’s say I am suffering from depression or I suffer from some sort of illness, whether mental or physical, emotional, what have you and, you know, traditional medications or what have you is just it’s not working and it’s not helping and undead spirit, like, Where do I start? How do I start getting involved in this? 

I think the easiest place to start is wherever we are, so what I mean by that or the basics: We eat three times a day or four times a day or two times a day, but everything that we’re putting in our mouths, everything we’re putting on our skin has an effect on us. So I think about the basics, regulating our sleep patterns, trying to find a rhythm. So we’re going to bed at a time, energetically when there’s a quiet essence and active in the world when there’s a brightness, so basic things Megan learn how to sleep again. Learn how to eat whole foods that are alive. We are what we eat, and we have such beautiful opportunities with seasonal foods. But we have to get to the farmers market and support that local community or we can now order things in from hello fresh or not an endorsement. But whoever purple carrot, you know, things that show up at our door if we don’t have other resources is. But if we want to be fully alive and we want to have the energy to make transformations, we start wherever we are so clean and pure water, good food, good sleeping patterns and then I really say Start now, whatever season you’re in, open your eyes and look around you and that’s what the clinical pearls that we’ve broken down into five seasons work with is we don’t need. We may need products, we may need protocol, medicine, and we may need a practitioner to help us guide us. We may need a health coach. We may need an inspiring yoga teacher or zumba teacher, but really, the journey is with us and it’s about every day and we’re gonna. We’re gonna fall off the merry go round just getting back on it and then loving ourselves when we eat the oreos and we know that you know, making a chocolate smoothie has much more nutrients for us. But how to love ourselves in the transformation. So start with whatever’s around you start with the basics and I also really recommend people unplugging from technology at sunset. We are so driven, our emotions and habits were so driven by whatever the news is telling us and it’s very hard if we’re constantly plugged into that to settle. So I really recommend it for most people. Most of us can stop it sunset, and then we can unplug from that and we can start relaxing, and we can do eat some of these self care habits and, I recommend 10 minutes of centering prayer or meditation or creative visualizations or journaling If we can do that upon going to bed and upon waking up, we all have a better day. 

Hey, guys, At the end of every month, I’m planning to do a Q and A special answering all of your questions, either about what we just talked about or anything in between. I am happy to hear back from you and help you out if I can. If you could do me a favor and go to the beige house dot com slash ask Meghan, you can leave your comment or your question. I’ll be able to answer it on the next Q and a episode again, the address is the beige house dot com slash ask Meghan asked. Meghan is all one word. Thank you so much. I look forward to hearing from you. 

So the basics that’s beautiful and I love that you’re emphasizing like it doesn’t have to be this huge thing. It doesn’t have to be. You’re wearing linen pants all the time and you’re sitting on lotus flowers. Then, like it’s just about finding something small to cling to and then growing from that, would you agree? 

I completely agree and I think they’re times for the other stuff, you know and I think it will. If we’re doing the discipline, stuff, the daily stuff, then I think the other things show up for us, and then we’re like, Yes, I want to do that weekend retreat. I wanna do a zoom women’s group. I think all that stuff, we’re more We’re readying ourselves for that when we do our, but we also trying to get distracted and believe the answers air out there. If we’re not doing the daily enter in work, I think that’s so true, especially if you are a seeker. You think like it’s got, there’s the answer out there when it’s cliche, I guess. But like it’s been here the whole time. 

Yes, it is 

You’ve been dorothy the whole time just in your house. Fall. We’re in the thrones of fall, and I want to talk about what you see, like how we can utilize the energy of the seasons and, like, what do you recommend people do to just utilize everything available to them? 

So I was just speaking with you before the podcast, and I was sharing with you that the element wisdom cards that we created have been in real time. So I wrote these basically their clinical pearls. They’re things that I say to my patients. Season after season, season after season and the first one, the one that comes to my mind now is you are your most valuable asset. So when the Chinese medicines to system fall or autumn correlates to the metal season, and that’s the rule by the lung and the large intestine and the lung has a lot to do with our heavenly judgment and also, the large intestine has everything to do with letting go of things that no longer service and so one of the things we can start letting go of is judgment from others that don’t that don’t serve us anymore or never did. But what we can start honoring is that we are our most valuable asset. So metal is the season of the shiny like If you think about metal, it’s what we use for coins and value. It’s also magnetic, and things are the leads are letting things go there. There’s a downward motion that’s happening in fall. We’ve had the Xena and the life in full bloom of summer, and then where the next season. The next full season is that downward motion, and a lot of people can go into a depression over the holidays, and so that’s actually a natural time. We’re preparing for winter, the water season where we’re basically completely unplugged. We’re back at stores. We’ve been hibernating, if you will in winter, so fall is a time that we can do that self reflection in terms of the value of ourselves, what we value, what we can let go of. It’s also a great time to do a little fall cleanse. That’s a time when we can really clean the colon because the energy is speaking there. For example, coffee is a great medicine. We all, especially in the Northwest. People really are all about their coffee, but we can overuse it. We can overstimulate with coffee, but it really has a strong affinity for the large intestine by purging it. And my teacher always taught me if we want to, get a project done, use the coffee. But if we want to have a more thinking, ruminating way with a project, we use green tea, so are there these nuances that we learn in each season? Why is it that coffee? You know, what’s that relationship with that food? That medicine and the cards give us prompts all season long, so it also helps us see what’s around us and so the cards are also made to tie us into nature again, so let me just pull a couple of cards. I also do this which is helping people understand the ordinary. Can’t see it so it’s to break. So it taps your large intestine channel and we have a blogger that helps people like if they don’t know what that means. But we have another one that honors your grief. So we have a lot that’s the season of letting go and we may have anniversaries in grieving because you know, when we lose someone close, it doesn’t happen all in that moment and so I think that’s also what really kind of brings us toward like holiday depressions is that not all of ours that have always been with us are no longer with us and so we’re grieving something and so it’s, How do we honor that? Because the lung will hold unresolved grief and so these are the types of things that we tried to get our patients and our friends and loved ones to start looking at things that are happening energetically in season. 

Well, let’s talk more about these actual cards. So how did you start thinking? You said they were your clinical pearls, But what made you decide that this is something that you know can leave me and is better served out in the world? Like what? What is the benefit of this? 

That’s a great question. It’s not what I expected. For years I had been tracking that I was gonna write a self care book, 365 days of self care, and the focus was gonna be on self love and self care practices from basically the naturopathic tradition and get those out in a way that people could use them like a daily and I actually joined a group of mostly naturopathic doctors in a small mastermind group and because I work well with deadlines and accountability, I have a strong sense of duty. What that allows me to do was stick to my goal, but I couldn’t do this. Write a book in 30 days, hire a coach writing a book in 60 days and try going down that path. It didn’t work for me and so what it allowed me to do was find what was within that I was trying to put in a form that wouldn’t work for me and so it just kind of came to me that, Oh, I can break these down into quips Easy words because right now our attention is so limited. But the cards just give a little sentence that you could use, like a tarot card or an inspiration to give to another friend. They’re fine outside of themselves, but they also have so much depth if we want to dig a little deeper and I liked that on the surface, but really deep thing, and it allowed me to stay in a rhythm of staying with myself. I’m also a permaculture gardner, and so a lot of the inspirations who have also come from gardening, and I would find I would have insights about my health when I’m out, you know, picking the fruit or I’m mulching or I’m composting, and then those things I could incorporate. But it seemed very truthful for me to do it in the slow way. So it’s taken me a year to write the cards, and I just feel like they represent more accurately than it would have been if it had been my memory of things or my imagining of things. So I literally looked around me and I said, Oh, what’s to say? What is the message? What is the message that my patients keep repeating during the fall? You know, they’re having brief or they’re having bronchitis and respiratory issues. So whatever symptoms came up seasonally, I was able to kind of crystallize those throughout the year. 

Sorry I was on you, that’s beautiful and I love that you had said that, you know, this started as a book, but you kept getting blocked. Maybe your journey was getting blocked by source or just this wasn’t the right path for you. So, in your experience, what is like the signs that someone should be realizing that they’re not on the right path? 

Oh, that’s a good one. I’m gonna answer it the opposite first. 


I realized when I am on the path doors open, the unexpected happens. The best things in my career have always happened not from my business plan, but because I had a business plan because I had an aim and I was working that discipline. But the opening, the ease and flow like you meet the right people, you’re in the right place at the right time. Those are all signs to me that I’m spontaneity, you know, psychic messaging like, Oh, I’m thinking about some. I mean, I’m curious who called during the interview. It’s like they needed that right. I think things are a struggle, and I think it’s projects like I have tried for years to write this book, and I think there’s a piece of surrender. It’s just like it’s not happening. I’m not happy when I do it. I’m not full of passion, it’s written. I read it. So I think all the things that we can imitate are negative, are really just stop signs or yield signs or, like detour signs, right and I think they feel tacky and sticky and they weigh us down and it’s not just depression. It’s just like we hit a block every single time. It may give us physical symptoms. It may be that literally. Every time we try to do this, we feel nauseous or, you know, we keep. I find that sometimes, like I’m thinking of something and then I’ll drop a glass or I’ll almost cut myself because it’s it’s got such the wrong energy for me and then I start going. What was I thinking about when that happened? And then sometimes when I’m in the flow, it’s like a glass can fall and I’ll catch it and I’m like, Oh, what am I tracking right now? 

That’s beautiful. I love the idea of tracking to 


I was, I love tracking. I love the thought of like these things have vibrations and they, you know, make you pivot certain ways. So when do you recommend someone comes to you? And what work do you think they should do before that?

Good question, the requirement that I really ask people to come with is when they’re ready for the transformation. I will not allow people to book other people’s appointments now occasionally like if it’s a mom from the U.A. and she’s vetting me. I’ll have a relationship, you know? I’ll see a person who wants telemedicine, but I don’t call my patients and ask him to come in. I don’t heavily recruit. I just think that I want somebody to be ready for transformation, and sometimes people will come. I’ll meet them where they are. I will have them. We co create a plan. I prompt. They create the plan and they may come in once or twice, and they may come back five years later because they didn’t have a good experience that they weren’t ready for the transformation. They weren’t ready for the work. And so I just asked people to be open minded and be willing to transform, because those are the people that I see that their lives and their diseases and their imbalances change. When people are somewhat committed, they somewhat change. When people are not committed, they don’t change. So when people are ready to change, that’s what my favorite clients work with. 

What kind of expectations would a new patient of yours have? What’s a reasonable expectation for them to have in this kind of journey?

Gosh, that’s a great question.

 Well, let’s tackle it from from, like, a mental issue or then a physical issue if you want to 

Sure, I’m not big on expectation because I really take the approach of let’s set you up to succeed and so for me, small things that we can get victories on is the way to actually get to the big change that we want in our mental health. And so I really hope I really encourage people to say What is it? A small as it is or is a large as it is, Where do you want to go? But what can we commit to now and how many times a week? You know, I don’t expect that everybody can come in and journal every day, but they may be able to journal once a week and so I really ask us, to almost lower our expectations to meet what we can realistically do. 

That’s perfect. Absolutely.

 I’m a realist, and what I do find with physical issues, it’s very hard for those to change. Without the mental emotional spiritual work, we can get change. But then the changes don’t typically stay. For example, I use a book all the time with my patients that have pain in their back and the shoulders and their neck and it’s a posture book because I can help open the meridians. Weaken. Do cupping, weaken, and do a lot of pain relief. But if it’s not staying, they need to get some massage. They need to do some stretching, and they need to correct the posture. So there are many things that we can work on for change. But there’s a whole body spirit world within us that has to align to that too, so we can get 25% change with treatment. But we can probably get, you know, 50,75,80,100% change with the whole thing.

I’m laughing because this conversation has just felt like it’s aligned for me. Like October is my birth month. I love medals. I’m using a support posture corrector right now. 

Okay, I’m gonna give you a little tip. 

Yes, please. 

The number one book that I recommend for posture and I don’t have any affiliations. It’s just a dang good book. It’s called Eight Steps for a Pain Free Back.


And it’s an acupuncturist that’s written it. And she was raised in and has studied aboriginal cultures in the way they use their bodies and, for example, that lumbar support is not the best support. These chairs. I’m sitting in a chair, actually, and I have another stool like this that makes you hold yourself up so there’s no bad, right? So what? We’re not conforming to a curve by leaning on something we’re having to learn to strengthen our core, to straighten out our spine, to give space in between those to sit properly. So we have not been taught posture as appearances. Male well, meaning as they were or like hold your shoulders back and maybe if you look, this is so interesting. In the book, she talks about the like, the Victorian postures, and they were very upright. You know, they have this kind of course, but we have natural courses, but we don’t use it. We don’t know how to engage those muscles and in the twenties, slouching became popular in the sixties. That kind of hip thing. We’re all kind of just like loosey goosey, terrible for our bodies, and so I think we have a lot to look learn when we actually look at traditional cultures that walk and move and work all day long and have very little muscular skeletal problems and it’s not simply because we’re sedentary, which doesn’t help anything. But it’s because our alignment has never been brought into awareness.

or made a priority. 

I mean, the thing is, especially during these times when we may have a little less external community in a little bit smaller world of relation with alot of us have more time because we’re not over stimulated so much in the external world, going as much as we used to with corona, and these are times that we do have the opportunity to work on our posture and toe work on our daily habits in a way that really hasn’t been granted to us before. That has been offered to us before. 

That’s just bringing up so many questions like, you know, covid who knows how this will end when it will end. Like, do you have recommendations on how people can? I guess you use this time in a way to find themselves at the expense like. 

I think you got it. You said it uses time to educate to be curious about how areas in eight immunity works. Do not accept a message that we are sick. We are resilient, We are healthy. We have to be precautious. We have to take caution. However a lot of the covid is media messaging. It’s not focusing on who’s healthy. In fact, what we did is quarantine. The healthy people separate everybody. Never before have we said Let’s protect the vulnerable, the compromise. This is what we’ve always done is we’ve protected the elderly, the immuno compromised. But now we’re like healthy people don’t go out, you know, just order everything in. So we’re telling ourselves that we’re a problem and that we’re not healthy and we’re not resilient not to minimize the impact that this or pneumonia or vaccination side effects, not to minimize every single sickness and death and more as we’re understanding it. Systemic issues related to covid. However, how do we become curious about the wonder of how we do work and how do we? This is an amazing opportunity to evaluate what we’re putting in our mouth. Do we really? If we have more time. Do we really need to drive through or eat packaged foods? Not really. We have one opportunity to hit the reset button, and they’re these daily basics that we can really concentrate on and our mantra of I am well, I am healthy. I am resilient. I am cautious. I am a miracle inside and not to neglect the fact that we do need to care for our elderly. Be extra cautious around people that are on immunosuppressive drugs. Of course, we need to be cautious and wise and smart, but we also need to empower ourselves to be the healthiest. There are so many protocols out there and natural support to boost our immune system. So many foods, like vitamin D vitamin K and which are fat soluble and that’s her whole story. This is not medical advice. Zinc, you know these beautiful teases. Why aren’t we drinking herbal teas every day? Right? I love, particularly in the summer to encourage my patients to find a good fit for them and put it in the fridge. Because even though I can say, don’t drink, eat your ice drinks because it hurts this digestion. People are going to drink cool things more readily than they’re going to give up ice completely. So can we find an herbal tea? That’s right for your Constitution? Or if you’re in great Constitution, that’s right for the season and allow yourself to eat and drink medicine. 

I love eating medicine. I think that’s such a beautiful way of looking at it, and one of these is going to seem like it’s coming from nowhere. But just one of the things that I keep thinking of what I’m listening to you is the power of internalizing, your understanding and as, You said, like one of the best ways that I have found is journaling, but I think that so many people I’ve seen so many people are just overwhelmed with a What the hell did I say? Like they see this blank piece of paper or blank screen or what? However, they’re doing it and they’re letting the process, or I guess they’re letting the do you know I’m trying to like they’re doing the method getting in the way of the solution. Do you have any recommendations on how to break through that? 

It gonna sound boring? But the way that I find people can break through is sometimes it’s meditation. Sometimes it’s movement. So sometimes the best thing to do is get out and have a run or do a yoga session and catch ourselves when we’re on a high, like when we have done something that has, you know, that has driven us down. The the in careful and pathway, the dopamine pathway, the oxytocin Ride the high and bring that energy of the positivity back toward us and channel that because we’re all gonna have ups and downs, and I find if we just stay with the block, then we start patterning that block and then that’s what our brain starts knowing and so if we can break out, whether it be put on your favorite playlist and dance, and it may also be, you have to remember, we also are the company we keep and so if we have a confidante or a group of people, we have to ask ourselves, which direction do I like? The vibration? Do I like what I want to become? And so I think there’s a lot to maybe have a positive conversation with, you know, somebody that lifts you up. Maybe read a poetry or an inspirational daily and as soon as you feel that brain changing stop and go Oh, I feel fabulous. This is what it feels like. Take three breath patterns on that and then return to your You know, your artist way page page a day, whatever it is, but it may not be the first thing in the morning for you. You may have to get out and, you know, take care of the kids’ needs first, and then paint your toenails and then do your page. But the form can get in the way because they’re pro their protocols and they work, but they’re not individualized, and so how do we find our way within these fabulous designs people are offering us? 

Well, Dr. Cox, you’re just blowing my mind. I have so many thoughts and things I want to say, but we’re running out of time. So where can I send people to learn more about you? And how can they reach out to you? 

Absolutely, thank you for that opening. I have a new website for the cards and it’s called element dash wisdom dot com. We have our quiz on there. We actually have a little telemedicine that we can get you a set of cards for your Constitution or the season and we can do a 15 minute so we can help. Even within these cards, we can help you find the uniqueness that is you about how to use the cards the best way for you. I also have a website doctor. Sorry Elizabeth dot com. That’s more about me on board what I do here more locally and regionally. So we also can be found on social media. I’m on instagram at Dr Sorry to Cox Also Facebook at Alberta Orchard Wellness or sorry to Elizabeth Cox. We’re also just joined. We me, me, we we me. It’s another platform. That is, unless, um, that’s a good one. It’s positivity and it’s not owned. So we’re also there at Dr. Sarita to Cox Me, we dot com. 

Fantastic and I will link to all of those in the show notes. But I am Dr Cox. Thank you. So this has been so fantastic and I’ve learned so much, and I hope everyone else loves it as much as I do this was a fantastic interview. 

Thank you, Megan. Hey, I’m glad to come back for another season. You wanna talk about seasonal tips too? 

Absolutely. And we’ll get some. We’ll get some listener questions for you to write. 

Thank you, Megan, for being such a delight. 


Hey, guys, Megan it here. Before you go, I would love to ask a favor of you. It is so helpful to have reviews on new podcasts as it really helps iTunes, stitcher, Spotify. All of those guys find out that you’re really enjoying it and that they should show it to new people. So if you wouldn’t mind just leaving a quick review about what you think about the podcast, I would really appreciate it. Thank you so much again. I’ll talk to you next week.

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