Tips for Making the Leap from Gratitude to Manifestation with Mandy Waryasz

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Everything that you need to know about gratitude and how you can shift from it to manifestation from Inherent Worth founder Mandy Waryasz.

1:36 Mandy’s story

7:38 signs that you have negative or scarcity mindset

11:33 Manifestation

27:46 journaling

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I’m Megan Brame, and this is anything but beige. Let’s go. 

Hi. My name is Mandy, and I love the mindset. Work and design. 

Fantastic. Mandy, this is gonna be a really cool episode. Thank you so much for joining me. 

Of course. Thanks for having me. 

So, you know, this month we’re talking about gratitude and all of the ways that it just This sounds really cliche, but just like all the ways, it makes life better. And so I think that a lot of people get really confused about mindset, work, gratitude, work. It gets kind of overwhelming for some people. So I wanted to talk to you about your story. How you came to create more gratitude in a manifestation in your life. But let’s just start. Let’s just start at the beginning. Very good place to start, Right? So please give me your story. 

I kinda as far as falling into gratitude. It’s just something that I feel like everyone here is about nowadays, and it’s I feel like a common response, like or at least mentally people would be like, Oh, great gratitude That’s so cool, but like, that’s not for me like I don’t need to do that. And so people brush it off a lot. And that was totally me for the years on end. And of course, it’s not until, like, wow, I really need something to change in my life that I finally I’m like, Oh, you know what? I’ll try anything. So that kind of ingratitude started, for me and I don’t know, it’s just like I had to stop, uh, making excuses for myself and just like, okay, you know what? I’ll try this. A lot of people say that it helps them a lot, and so it’s like, Okay, how can I start to ease this into my life? And that was kind of just when it started. Like when I talk about mindset work and I’m sure we’ll get more into it like this is the beginning of allowing yourself to experiment with other types of mindsets and how they influence your life.

I’m interested on You said that you kind of had this part in your life where you just said, Okay, let me just give this a shot, because see, what happens for me in my life. I was at a point where, like, I had just been afraid of gratitude and manifestation. I felt like it was kind of Woo Woo or something or just, you know, like I had a very big hustle all the time mindset and it’s so rough. 

And so it’s like the hustle mind that is so exhausting but like everyone does it. And so when you try to, like transition and be like, Oh, but I’m not like that Woo Woo, but like enough to like have it be helpful. I don’t know. It’s just funny because it’s like if you don’t put terms on it, it will. It will just be like, work for you, You know what I mean? 

Well, let’s let’s talk about that. So let’s talk about terms. And that was the same thing that I thought I was. Just like what? What I’m doing right now isn’t working. So what the hell? What do I have to lose by just trying? To have gratitude and try to say, like, these are the things I desire, what amount in the world. So how do you recommend people first just start doing this? I know that that’s probably oversimplification questions.

really not, though, like you, just my biggest thing around this is like there’s no excuse like, if you really want to try it, you can’t just like like a gratitude is just the beginning, and that’s really just the first stepping stone. And so it’s like it takes maybe five, like maybe five minutes tops out of your day. And that’s like even over addressing it, like you could do it in less than 30 seconds or whatever. And like the way to remind yourself to do it is like just set a notification on your phone. The way I started was I just, like, had a journal like three by five Only for gratitude, and I didn’t like this before I started journaling, and maybe we could get more into that, too. It’s like I just have to get up and like, when I sit down for my desk or back when I was working in the office, I would just, like, write down three things I’m grateful for before I start my day and I know I’m going to show up there at least five out of seven days of the week. So there’s really no excuse that that’s not gonna happen. And it was just like a really nice way to start the day. 

So you did this at work. What changes did you start noticing were happening once you made this a priority in your life? 

Well, I can also ask you what your experience with gratitude is. But every single time when I sit down and realize that like, I take a pause and I start to see things in a different light, just like instantly. But then as far as continuing practice of gratification, gratitude, Sorry, like I just you start transitioning to an abundance mindset naturally, and I guess it’s kind of also what I wanted to talk about like once you start realizing what you have and all the great things in your life and also for people who like to have the excuse of I don’t know what to write down, you can write down like anything like obviously the things that you have in your life, the experiences that you’ve had like, one that I really love to talk about is, you know, I’m so thankful that this persons in my life or that we did this this week that made me feel really good, like, uh, giving thanks to your community and your support system, because that’s, like, really important as well along your entire journey,  I kind of forget where I was going, Okay? 

You’re talking about just like, everyday gratitude.

How it creates the abundance mindset was like, Once you start realizing all the great things, then you allow yourself more great things. And so when we were talking about the hustle, we kind of liked briefs to that. But the hustle mindset is kind of similar or in the same vein as a fear mindset and like, a, lack of mindset. And so when you’re kind of stuck in that sort of e guess. It’s just a restrictive mindset you’re not going to be thinking about. Let’s see, like constantly receiving things because you’re like, I don’t have enough time. I don’t have enough. This I don’t have enough of. It’s just like the nature of how that mindset works. Or like when you switch over to gratitude, which you just start your day with. Three thankful things. You’re thankful for instantly changing your thought process to be like, I already have these wonderful things in my life in the morning. And so then that just which is your vision for the rest of the day, to be like Okay, you know what? Maybe I do have enough time. Maybe I can feel thankful for, you know, a second between meetings or something like that. Instead of being like I don’t have enough time, it’s just like shifting the thought process, even though maybe nothing day today is changing instantly. 

What are some things that you think that people should recognize about? So they don’t realize they have a negative mindset or a scarcity mindset? Whatever you wanna call it, are there signs that you think that people should pay attention to that like Oh, shit, I am just digging myself into this whole of horribleness and I need to change. 

I guess it’s like if you realize you need to change and then at that point, I’m hoping that people would be willing to try different things because, like, I used to live in a scarcity mindset, that’s how people profit off of you because you’re like, I don’t have enough of This is just how capitalism works. But that doesn’t mean you have to continue that way. It’s just like being open enough to explore other options. I don’t know if there are any other, like, telltale signs, but as long as people are open to trying different things and seeing what works for them well.

So let’s talk about more about abundance, mindsets and, you know, you touched really briefly on about just It’s a transition from not having to already having, and so this, you know, when you’re staying in my gratitude, that’s one of the things that I usually got tripped up on until I learned about you said like everyday like I’ve had been grateful for my house in my home or my husband, but I’ve also been grateful for ice T and we think that a lot of people just put this over What, like they put it on a pedestal or something like that? You know what I mean? And I feel like a lot of people don’t know how to transition from where things are going to sound like society. But where to transfer how to transition from the mindset of bigger, stronger, faster instead of just like gratitude and love and and like, abundance and so what I’m trying to get towards is defining abundance, mindset and what your thoughts are about how people can recognize it.

So just imagine, you have to go through the day to day of the hustle lifestyle, but you’re just exhausted at the end of it and not as satisfied. So, like the perk of an abundance mindset that would transition naturally as you start to practice gratitude, and that’s what I think is the best part about it. But once you start to transition to the abundance mindset, you’re gonna feel less of that exhaustion and more of that satisfaction like Sure, you might be tired and you still go to bed to be better or whatever, but like, you’re gonna be more present. Which during the day and like, appreciate the interactions that you’re having. Does that answer your question? 

I love that answer. Absolutely, that is a great thing I think, like in my head and you can correct me if I’m wrong. I think that it starts with gratitude, and then you kind of upgrade to abundance, and then you kind of upgrade to allowing manifestation in your life. Do you think that’s true? 

I think it’s like, Okay, this kind of works. What else? Like this kind of works do and then you’re like, Okay, well, what else works. And so then it’s like, I’m not stopping now, and then you’re like, a manifestation guru. And you never wanted to be called. We would to begin with, but you’re like, but maybe I’m kind of now it’s kind of awesome. And obviously people who don’t want to be called we don’t have to put a name on it, and that’s totally fine, but I don’t know it’s working for a lot of people. 

I completely agree. And I especially love that people are embracing it so much now and it’s not just Abraham Hicks or Louise, what’s her face? But it’s Louise Hay. It’s just sort of like it’s in the ether now in popular culture. And so let’s talk manifestation and let’s talk about your tips for including this in daily life. 

Hey guys, at the end of every month, I’m planning to do a Q and A special answering all of your questions, either about what we just talked about or anything in between. I am happy to hear back from you and help you out if I can. If you could do me a favor and go to thebeigehouse. com/askMegan, you can leave your comment or your question. I’ll be able to answer it in the next Q and an episode again. The address is, asked Megan is all one word. Thank you so much. I look forward to hearing from you. 

I think just before we start like all of this and I would say and we’re talking about gratitude to and like what people? It kind of put gratitude on a pedestal and might be afraid to, like, write something down because you’re like, Well, I don’t know what it is it has to start with, like getting comfortable with allowing your inner self to be expressed externally and not judging that Because, like if you start thinking about you know what you really want and then you’re starting to say like, you know that’s not practical, then the manifestation is going to be so much harder. But if you’re like, for example, starting on gratitude and you’re thankful for this and you’re not judging yourself for whatever it is, that’s the beginning. So, like non judgment, I think, is where we need to start and begin an internal dialogue. Because if you don’t have that, then you’re not gonna be able to ask the questions about you know, what do I really want? Because you’re gonna manifest what you truly desire and what you truly believe. Does that make sense? 

Absolutely. And I think that you touched on a really good point about just what it’s about. In my experience, it’s about learning to understand what it is your life needs, not what either you think other people think you need or you, you know, like society. You know, like society, man. It’s the but, you know.

It’s funny, but it’s like it creeps into our mental space, like without us even knowing. And that’s why I think there is so much tension nowadays in things like our mental health, because, like, we don’t actually believe all the things we’re taught. But we don’t even know that we’re living them until you’re like, What the heck like, where did this belief come from? Like what? Good way it is: It is society, man. We’re working through it but back to manifestation. I’m a big believer in writing it down, and I know that that’s like cliche, and I’m going to say that about gratitude to whatever. But the thing is, when you talk about the transition of gratitude to an abundance mindset to manifestation the act of writing it down puts it in like the forefront of your brain essentially just changes what you’re open to seeing. So like physically, your reality may stay the same. But you’re seeing things from a different perspective and internalizing them differently. So, like the same goes for manifestation. When you’re a mean, we can get into the details like what to write down and how deep and how visceral the feelings they’re gonna be. But essentially, it’s creating the same sort of like shift in perspective for you to start seeing opportunities and allowing their like, allowing them space to potentially, like lead you in a different direction. Because if you don’t write down what you really want your not really going to be like Oh, you know what that might be You know a good option for me. It has to, like, show up in the beginning. The forefront of your brain. 

Well, let’s talk about the things you should be writing down and the ways that you should be talking yourself with manifestation. So what recommendations do you have for people who want to start utilizing manifestation? 

Totally, so man, let’s start off manifestations. Real, I don’t know. No one can convince me otherwise, but here’s a really great way to go about it, what’s something that you really truly want in your life? Like, for example, me, three years ago, I was, like, pretty sad about, like, the kind of job that I was getting. And I was like, I can’t believe, like the job I want doesn’t exist. I wanna make a certain amount of money, Some reason I can’t do that right now. So why go about writing down is like, Okay, I want a job that makes me feel like this. I want to do this when I get into work every day. I want to feel like this around my colleagues, like just going through ah, day to day, like from when I get up. And when I go to bed like who is surrounding myself with? How am I getting to work? How it feels once I get to work like the visceral feeling as you’re going through is super important because that’s like how emotions are a huge guide without us even knowing moving into the direction that we want. So getting super visceral when you’re writing it down is huge, like your imagined reality going into as much detail as possible is, in my opinion, the key, and then you can start getting more crystal clear with, like dates and numbers and things like that. And I feel like those things just end up falling into place again, like you could say, like, Hey, I want a million dollars. But if you viscerally don’t need that and you feel like Oh, you know what is that actually gonna achieve my desired emotion and feeling that you want? Then you’re probably not going to get it, but it’s like you’re you have to root it in the feeling and then the manifestation of the physical object will come after to create that desired feeling.

It’s interesting and it’s funny. I want to talk to you about you, said Dates. And I’ve been reading this book. A happy pocket full of money, which is about manifestation. But it gets a really big brain thinking about quantum physics, and Einstein’s theory of relativity held us all together. 

I’m so interested.

It’s an amazing book. I definitely picked it up. It’s such a good read, and one thing that he talks about is changing the idea of time. And instead of saying I easily receive a million dollars by January 1st 2021 like Instead, you say I easily receive a million dollars soon, like you change the date too soon. His thinking is that it’s already out there, right? Like where it’s all parallel universes. The thing you have is already here. It’s just you are working in the path to get to it and like he said, Like Jesus said soon. And so you say soon and it’s like I’m interested to hear what your thoughts are about. Soon versus timeline. 

I’ve had good experiences with writing specific dates, but honestly, if I were to write soon and take the pressure of time out of it, that would have been so much cooler.  I think I’m on that train because like I would I don’t wanna be checking. I wouldn’t check the calendar, but I’d be like, Oh, after the fact. Like, look back at the dates. But I think it was way nicer for toes to come into my life at the time. That is right and so soon I mean is relative, but you know, also in perfect timing, right.

That’s so true and I think that it takes a lot of pressure off of the things you said like calendar watching of. Okay, it’s December 15th and I said January 1st and I only have $8 and not really. And it’s like, what? 

What really sucks about that certain trip down here. We’re in a scarcity mindset. You have to trust that you are , you already have it and you have to write it down. All I guess back to like how you should write it is like I’m so thankful that I have this in my life reading it in the present tense to then get it. But if your calendar is watching your like dang, I don’t have this right now and I need it like that. That’s as soon as you stop trusting the processes when it stops working. 

That’s, uh, that’s so true. I completely agree. And I’m glad to see that you are now going to be gone soon.

No, it just would take so much stress out of my life I actually haven’t even thought about. I guess I’ve kind of been manifesting during the whole whole covid thing, but like, kind of allowing things to happen naturally and being like, you know, this is where I want to end up. But I don’t really have a huge, you just sit on time. It’s just gonna happen as it does. And for a while, I didn’t really know what I wanted to manifest because, like, if you’re living in gratitude, you’re like, you know, I sometimes I got it all. And I don’t always need to, so it depends at the point. You in your life, I guess. 

Well, have you manifested that has just been off the wall. And what do you think about? I’ll give you my example, I manifested getting fired from the trump that I absolutely hated, it was at the time I was reading, I was just starting to get into Abraham Hicks, but I was also reading your money or your life, which is about, you know, the book. It’s about just understanding that essentially, it cost me half of my salary to get to work. And I didn’t even like the job. And so I was just like, asking the universe like, please get me fired. Please get it. I can’t, I can’t quit this myself. Please get me fired. And I know that a lot of people they’re like, Well, did you just suck it at your job or something? And I don’t think anything changed. I think I just focused my energy so much on this thing that I wanted that it happened. And I tell you, it was winter. But I would have, like, skipped through the parking lot to my car the day I got fired because I was just so like it happened. Everything I wanted happened, right? 

Like, it doesn’t have to be a negative thing. Like, if you’re listening to what other people tell you to be like, Oh, my God. You lost your job. The worst thing you’re like, No, I got this, it was so great, so that was probably like the start of your transition to, like, a whole different. Like thinking. Was that just like the first manifestation stuff? 

That was a thief first, like the first dedicated manifestation. You know anymore. I was just like, every morning I was saying the same thing over and over again, like, please get me fired.

So I was gonna tell you the first. Like I don’t even know if it’s the craziest, but like the first thing that I quote unquote manifested is like the one that I was like Dang like That’s it like it works. Okay, what a crazy, I had just graduated from college and there were no entry level positions where you could actually afford to live in the city and work in the city and I’m like, Why did I go to college? And now I’m in a situation that I can’t afford. It’s like, What’s the point of whatever So I was like, just super upset about the whole situation, you know, took a gamble of paying rent for a few months trying to find a job put on the date, the money, the balance fits all that stuff. And it lined up to being like, Hey, I wanted to get a job where I could do X, y and Z. I work as an interior designer. I wanna do X, Y and Z with these people, and have these kinds of responsibilities. Make this kind of money and get it in October. And I ended up like my first day on the job was October 31. I’ve been with this company ever since, which is kind of funny, but it’s like giving me the responsibility that I wanted. I didn’t want to be treated like entry level employees like they trust me as a person and as a designer, it’s like, Okay, like, it’s exactly what I wanted because I wasn’t ready to just be like the entry level positions. 

That’s so cool. So you wrote it down. You wrote down like the date the amount that you wanted to. 

And it’s so weird because I remember I asked for that amount for others. Like, I was interviewing other places. And I’m like, You know, I got to start with you know, that amount or whatever, because also, it wasn’t super crazy, but I’m like, you know, city living. This is it and other companies look at me and their job, which often be like, you know that, you know, there’s a lot of money and I’m just like ok, this isn’t the place for me. And so it was trusting when I’m in other interviews or on calls with other people to know, like, you know, I could deviate from my plan, but I know that there’s something there for me and I just can feel it and I want to trust it. And I had to turn down another job hoping that this one, I don’t know, like I interviewed at this one place, and I’m like, I think this might be it, but I’m not sure e Eventually, like I tell them like the salary. And then they’re like f It will give you more than that and we’ll give you I was just like, Whoa, it’s like, No, it worked out And I was just, like, so surprising and like, How can anyone plan for that? You just happen inherently knowing that that would come up because you have lived that life every single day reading a vision or thinking about it. I was heavy on the manifestation, like on night audios and like reading it every morning. 

That’s fantastic. That’s so cool. And I love that you you trusted it, you know, you just like you had this plan B kind of job and just No, that’s not that’s not what for me,

For me, like maybe it’s just my mindset, but I just feel like if I was in that plan, B job that it would be a survival tactic and it wouldn’t allow for me to thrive because the resource is one weren’t there. But I also wouldn’t be as emotionally connected to the job as I am to this other one and so it’s like I knew deep down it’s also like learning to use your intuition is kind of all, like, roped up into this, too. It’s just knowing it doesn’t feel right and listening to that and trusting that it’s the scariest thing because you’re like, Well, everyone else in my life is like, take the job or like, Why are you so crazy? I’m just like I got this.

Or even if you had, like, have kids or spouse or something that’s rely on you just I have to trust. 

100 Times Square. You’re sure, but you know you’re the only person who could make these decisions for you and allow yourself to have a better life. 

Well, let’s talk a little bit, actually, aside about interior design and like giving yourself a good space for this kind of work. 

Having a little sanctuary. It’s like my secret recipe, like it’s like having a space where you can just completely calm down and reset and allow yourself to have that conversation with your inner voice. I guess it really can’t happen in any other space than one that you feel comfortable in at home in, You know what I mean? And that looks different for everybody. 

Do you think there are some things that are just sort of general across the board, like plants?

I’m a big candle. Found? Plants are wonderful so I’m just actually terrible with plants. So I am but for me, and this is gonna sound weird and maybe getting into other stuff. But I am a huge floor dweller like, I have a really nice carpet and I’d like it to feel very bohemian, but very natural and uncomfortable. So I’ll like, have, like, a beanbag in, like, my candle and, like, journal and stuff like that. And it’s like, Okay, that feels more natural to me than sitting at a desk that reminds me of going back to the office or whatever. So it’s like that feels good for me even if someone comes in my room when they’re like Where’s your furniture? It’s like it makes me feel really good. It’s like it’s not what makes you feel good, but it’s really comfortable for me and makes me feel at home. So it’s like again allowing yourself to express in whatever way it feels comfortable to you and having that be the space that you can focus on your expansion and whatever, not let other people’s opinions guide that either. 

So you’re mentioning journaling a lot, which I am pro. But I am also very terrified of journaling because I like I let it get too big, you know, like I have Thio have to write the right stuff and I have to, you know, like it has to be something that, like Teddy Roosevelt, will read, You know, like we’re people’s journals and I don’t wanna have something just kind of like today I eat a sandwich. So that’s the thing is you totally can, let’s talk. So do you recommend people do bullet journaling? Or do you think like the long form? How do you? What do you think? 

Lowest barrier of entry for that lowest barrier of entry would definitely be just a daily journal and for me it’s a Google doc and I just jump in every morning while I’m drinking coffee and I just write about what’s on my mind and do I ever read it? No, I don’t and I be honest like stupid shit, but it just like it’s such a brain dump and allows the space to then open up during my day. And like if I had tension about this, like the interaction I had yesterday, I’ll just write it down even if I’m like, Oh, it’s kind of silly that I’m feeling this way. I’ll never have to read it again, but I’m getting it out of my system and it just feels that much better. To have been able to process it without judgment because that’s also a huge part of it is. You’re the only one who’s reading it, and that’s that’s a huge part. So you really again, judgment shouldn’t really exist in this world, but it totally does and making that step towards self compassion in this area will just help you that much more to get into and with yourself and allow yourself to process things in a way that feels good for you. 

I am so glad that you admit that you don’t read your journal because I’ve never. I can’t. I just have too much shit to do or something, you know, like going like it’s there. It used its purpose and off to the world with you. I heard people that, like, check it, read your journal every month.

Like it was time for that. Like, I kind of know where I was a month ago. I did, like, start looking back at the beginning of quarantine, and I was like, It was a bit dramatic then, but like, that’s kind of funny. It’s not like anything ridiculous in my mind.

Well, what recommendations do you have for resources is for people to get into gratitude, mindset, and work manifestation. 

Trying to think of like, what helped me a lot. YouTube was a huge one, but I mean, maybe this is why we started talking. But I started this company that’s looking to help people transition from scarcity mindset to opponents’ mindset through art in media because I’m a big fan of design again like I’m not sure if it’s every person’s demographic, because it’s a lot about art and new media. But inherent worth is the name of the company, and we’re just looking at too. Start making emotional healing and caring cool again and like, make it mainstream and it doesn’t have to be kind of found in the self healing world in Therapist World. I just found that it was very pretty and put together when in reality, we’re like all of us and like we all want to express and have fun. And it’s not pretty and it sucks sometimes and sometimes you don’t want to be talking with someone who is like, Wow, my life is so great all the time like you should try it Too. It’s like, Well, that’s not my That’s definitely not how I feel. So I don’t really wanna wear your perspective on it. And so it’s like just making it easier for people to connect with, like Okay, what is gratitude without judgment and how do we get there and having just an honest conversation about it? 

So when do you think that people are ready to seek out inherent worth? 

Well, to be honest, this is probably a bit like the entry. So my intent with the company is to Pretty much explain what certain things are in, like a, you know, interactive way. And for me, a way to understand, like, emotional healing or something or worthiness wounds, which is where the name came from, is from other people’s stories, and we’re gonna be We feature other people’s stories and other people’s artwork around, for example, for talking about worthiness. You’re like, Oh, I didn’t know I had a worthiness problem. Until you see someone in someone else’s life like that’s me. And so you get to connect with that and then you start to, understand? Like, Okay, so that might be in my life. What does it mean? What does it look like? And what could my life look like? So this is pretty much explaining how it could manifest in your own life. And then I’m not a life coach. I’m not trying to be, And I would then provide Resource is of like, Hey, if you’re having issues with this, this might work for you, blah, blah, blah and really connecting and the people who are really good at what they do When I’m just here to be like, you know, we all problems. Let’s talk about it.

So where can people find inherent worth? We have a full by the time this area will have a website with a bunch of resources on it and we have an instagram and we’re on Tumblr Too But Instagrams the biggest one, I think right now and the website will have a ton of resources and connections. Teoh, you know you know what’s happening now in your life and then you’ll be able to be like, Oh, you know what? I would benefit from connecting with this person to help you with this thing.

That’s so cool. 

I’m really excited to see the website when it goes live. That’s me too. I am so excited. It’s just so jazz that’s just get happy of those kinds of things. 

Also, I’m just like such a design nerd, where I’m just like, okay, it’s gonna be like, cool and edgey and fun, and I’m just like, I can’t wait to see this.

Well, we are almost out of time. But what else? Do you want to cover anything else before we go? 

I just hope that people can put the ego aside and try gratitude. Get that journal either. Like a small little, like composition notebook or just like a Google doc Every morning. Put it on your phone as a notification. It’s the start, the start of a new beginning.

I love that, that it’s a perfect way to end this. 

Great chatting with you. 

Thank you.

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