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Hey, guys. Megan here at beige house. Thanks for joining me again. So last week I showed you my unboxing from JM bamboo of my terrarium plants that I bought for the paludarium. I hope I’m saying that right that I am creating for my vampire crabs.

I just got the vampire crabs in today, so I wanted to unbox them for you and plus a few other little friends that I wanted to show you from aquatic arts. Now, I am not a huge fan of having live things shipped to me. Plants, sometimes animals, it gets kind of like but…Knock on wood. So far, I haven’t had a huge problem with it, and I don’t do it often, and I prefer to buy local. But when you end up in the addicting world of aquariums, then you start to realize that upstate New York does not have these selections that the rest of the world does.

So this is my order from aquatic arts. They were the only place that had vampire crabs available, and they were going super fast. I don’t have any good reason for why I want vampire crabs so badly, except that I think they’re really cute, and the thought of a paludarium is a really interesting challenge. I think I have eight aquariums right now, and this paludarium will be the first one that I’m trying that is just not all water-based.

With paludarium, it’s usually just, like, a little pool of water, and then most of it’s, like, land and things. I’ll show you mine. If you want to see that, leave a comment, let me know. I’ll let you look around my build. I hope it goes well, and I hope that my crabs are okay.

So let’s get them out of the box, and I will zoom in on this for you. But it’s Aquatic Arts. They have their own packaging, 100% live arrival guarantee, and this nice little sticker on here to help, hopefully nice UPS men get these here safely. They ship via UPS, and it’s usually next day. So if you do want to use aquatic arts instead of, like, aqua huna or something like that, then just be aware that the shipping is pretty expensive.

I think my shipping ended up being around $30 or something for my crabs and a few other things. So let’s get this open. Supposedly, based on the reviews I’ve seen, the way that they pack things is very well done. So that’s what I’m hopeful to see as well and to show you.

All right, and I’m going to switch to my phone so you can see the zoom in of what this looks like. Okay, here we go. Here is what it looks like in here.

I guess I got a trading card of a different sticker, I think.

All right, so here we go. First up, kubatai rasbora. These are neon green.

Oh, my god. They’re really big. I thought I’d get, like, little juveniles but they’re actually a really good size.

Everybody looks alive in there so far. These ones are sky blue velvet shrimp. I have cherry shrimp in different colors already, because of course I do. I’m insane. And these were a horribly impulsive purchase, but they were just so pretty.


And I have a shrimp tank that I made for them that is going to be all black and red, so they’re going to really pop. It’s going to be like my little goth tank. So let’s check these ones out.

I don’t see any berried ones just yet. Berried, if you’re not aware, means they have eggs, and you’ll be able to see them in their belly. It’s really kind of cool. I don’t see any ones just yet, but some juvenile and looks like a couple of adults.

You can’t tell how many are in there. I guess that’s when you open the box or you open the bag and you actually look. Now, last but not least are my vampire crabs. Let’s see. I have two males and a female.

Oh, my gosh. They look like tarantulas, but they’re terrifying. Why did I do this? Okay.

Hi. Oh, my God. They strike crawling around right like Tarantulas. Not a tarantula fan. No judgment.

That just has not a spider fan. That just made me realize, like, this might have been a yeah.

Hi, guys. Well, I better get these out and get them acclimated into their new paludarium. So Yeah, that was from Aquatic Arts. Pleased.

Definitely. Like I said, I always get a little bit nervous about shipping live things, especially live animals. So I’m glad to see that everybody seems to have made it. Okay. Hi.

Waving to me again. Let me get these guys out and get them into our homes, and I will see you later. Take care. Bye.

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