Best Lawn Mower Maintenance Tips

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The most probable reason why you bought a lawn mower is that you would want to make your job of cutting your grass easier and faster. And it would be so disappointing if you’ll encounter problems with it. To prevent unwelcome situations with your lawn mower, it is always recommended that you should follow the proper use and care specified in your unit’s manual.

Basic Lawn Mower Maintenance Tips

Additionally, we would like to share with you some basic lawnmower maintenance tips to make sure you are able to keep your equipment in its best top condition for a longer time.

lawn mower maintenance
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Do periodic maintenance checks and other necessary actions in the following intervals:

  1. Every 100 hours of use:
    1. Clean your unit’s cooling system
    2. Change the spark plug. In time, it will become defective due to corrosion and deposits that are difficult to remove. Thus, it would need to be replaced.
  2. Every 50 hours of use:
    1. Change the engine oil. Using an old one can damage your engine. It is also recommended to initially change it after the first 5 hours of operation, then after every 50 hours. Refer back to your user manual if there are any specific methods and types of oil to use.
    2. Clean the spark plug to ensure that your mower would start easily and to avoid being disrupted when your unit loses power during your mowing activity. Objects such as grass, oil, or dirt may have entered the spark plug, which could cause its malfunction. Be careful in unscrewing the plug to avoid breaking it off.
    3. Sharpen the blade or replace it. A sharp blade makes your mowing job easy. A dull one rips the grass leaving uneven tears that will promote grass diseases. For safety reasons, always make sure to remove the spark plug before sharpening the blade. Moreover, mark your blade before you remove it so you would know which way to reinstall it. We found this tutorial on how you can sharpen the blade. Here are additional tips on whether you should sharpen or replace the blade.
    4. Clean the air filter. A dirty air filter will not make your mower start or may cause your equipment to stop during the middle of mowing. If you continue using a dirty air filter, it will damage your equipment’s engine over time when it can no longer draw enough amount of cooling air to run smoothly. Hence, a sputtering engine is a sign that you have an unclean air filter. When this happens, you don’t need to wait for 50 hours of use to clean the air filter, you have to clean it immediately. Then, take note that you would need to clean more frequently, especially in dusty conditions.
  3. Every 25 hours of use:
    1. Inspect the blade and engine mounting fasteners

We also recommend purchasing the same make or model of the item when you need to replace parts.


Also, it is best to keep a schedule of your lawn mower maintenance so as not to overlook it.

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