The Best Steampunk Furniture and Accessories for Your Living Room

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How I came to love steampunk furniture, or, “A Tale of Two People Trying to Live and Decorate Together.”

When we first decided to purchase a home, I asked my husband what sort of home decor styles he liked. He looked at me blankly…and suddenly we were in a cleaning commercial. You know the ones, where the husband is clueless and the wife is all “Oh you.” So we did it the hard way: I’d show him pictures of things, and he’d react…mostly negatively. It became a little frustrating (I’ll never forgive him for hating chandeliers).

One thing we could agree on, though, is a love of dark things…and not necessarily “dark” like “goth night at Club Laga” but “dark” as in leather club chairs, old maps, deep leathers, and oil rubbed bronze. We were then able to figure out his decor style leaned towards steampunk, which tied in well with my plans to incorporate a lot of industrial decor in our home.

So this journey into incorporating steampunk furniture and accessories into our living room hasn’t been such a challenge as it would if I was 100% shabby chic like my Mom, but it’s still a challenge as I think sometimes using steampunk in interior design can veer off into the absurd. To me, a little goes a long way.

With that said, this was a pretty fun post to research and I hope you like it, too! Here are my top picks for steampunk furniture and accessories for your living room.

Vintage Industrial Look Gear Design Wall Clock $37.29
Bindery Wallpaper $60
Blackened Steel Bar Cart $1800

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