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Best Studio Apartment Decor Ideas

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A lot of people are now opting for a studio apartment. For students, couples, small families, or just an individual, a studio apartment is quickly becoming a top choice for a home because they are slightly less inexpensive than traditional homes, and most studio apartments are also situated in a very strategic and accessible location. However, living in a studio apartment doesn’t mean that you have to sacrifice form, functionality, and style. If you are ready to find the best studio apartment decor ideas, read on.

Studio Apartment Decor Ideas: Choosing The Right One

When you’re brainstorming for studio apartment ideas, you have to consider a few things. First, your lifestyle – are you fond of the outdoors? Do you work from home? Next will be how much are you willing to spend for a studio apartment and the design. These factors can help you determine the location as well as the interior design of your studio apartment.

Best Studio Apartment Decor Ideas

If you are looking for some inspiration for a studio apartment, here are some of the best studio apartment decor ideas you can try:

Industrial Look

If your apartment is located in a former industrial area, chances are, your apartment already has that industrial feel. Brick wall, metal fixtures, and wood are common materials. Building from there, get pieces of furniture with a utilitarian feel. For lighting, get some big wooden or metal pendant light.

Warehouse Pendant Light – $218
Industrial Collection 4 Drawer – $161.99


Another good way to decorate your studio apartment is with a modern interior. If you love the contemporary look, this is the perfect look for you. Go for furniture pieces with modern design. Use metal, glass or wood to incorporate that modern feel. You can also decorate your studio apartment with a few accent art pieces.

Studio Apartment decor Ideas
Modrest Fosse Modern Mirrored Console – $499.99


Since we’re dealing with limited space for a studio apartment, one of the most ideal interiors is minimalist. By decorating your place with minimalist decor, you’ll be able to maximize your space. To further open up your space, get big standing mirrors and avoid large chunky furniture pieces.

Modrest Lola Modern Walnut – $1230


Living in an apartment can make you miss the waters. So if you love the beach, then go for coastal. It’s easy to decorate and has a calming effect. Since the coastal design is all about the sea, sand, and water, it can make you feel more refreshed. With that said, stick to a white or blue palette. If you want to learn more about coastal decor, check out our post What is Coastal Decor?

Coastal Lagoon Rug in Cloudburst & Claret Red design – $345

Table Top Coral – $110

Classic Modern

If you want a modern yet classic interior, choose classic modern. It’s the best of both worlds. For this design, use materials like polished wood and leather for seatings. You can also paint your walls with classic colors like grey or cream. Go the extra mile and buy faux fur rug.

Chestfield Sofa – $1249.99
Sofa with Leather – $1640

How would you decorate your apartment? If you have some more studio apartment decor ideas to share, leave a comment below!

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