Beyond the Beige House (some updates for the future)

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Beyond the Beige House (some updates for the future)

Beyond the Beige House (some updates for the future)

Lately, I’ve been thinking about this blog and what sort of content I want to create for it. Or rather, the way this blog has been evolving now that we’re into Year 4 (omg). 

As you might know (or will know if you go back to the beginning) Beige House started as a home decor blog with some DIY stuff, but mostly was about house stuff and loving other people’s interior design ideas. And to be totally honest, those are still the biggest drivers of traffic for me on Pinterest, but it no longer interests me so it is not something I want to write about as much.

Or I should say, it is not ALL I want to write about anymore. The longer we are in this space (our home, this time in our lives, whatever) the more I am growing and becoming interested in different things. My joy is sharing this journey with you so you can see if what I’m into is something you might be into, as well. 

Currently, I am much more into what I call “mindful living.”

And I know I’m not the first to coin that, but what that means to me is learning how to be more intentional with the things I have in my life: the products I buy and the repercussions those purchases have on the environment, the things I have in my home and how they affect the way we live (our plants, the pets), the places I travel and the experiences they give me (or used to!), and how my mindset is changing to appreciate more of this.

The transition to more mindful content won’t be perfect, and there are still some “flaws” that I will continue to have (I don’t plan to move to veganism at this time, I still will love to make and enjoy receiving money) but I don’t think I’m alone in making these adjustments, especially during COVID-19 and a world of uncertainty.

So going forward, expect more content about mindsets, plant care and tips, travel journals, conscientious spending, and less on DIY tutorials and straight-up home decor. Though don’t get me wrong, it’ll still pop up occasionally, and I still love me some gift guides!

I hope you’ll continue to join me on this journey towards maybe, possibly, a beautiful life. 

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