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Big Storage Solutions for Small Flats

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Living in a small flat or apartment, every inch of space is valuable due to the constantly increasing price of rent or mortgages. In an article by Curbed, renters saw an 8.3 percent jump in L.A. County, a 4.5 percent rise in San Francisco, and double-digit increases across many of the country’s most desirable neighborhoods. This is why more and more people are being practical and are opting for small spaces because it’s slightly cheaper than traditional or big areas and (looking at the bright side) it’s easier to maintain.

Storage Solutions Hacks for Small Flats

Like we mentioned, space is vital in small living spaces. With that said, you‘ll need every hack or solution you can get to maximize your little space. Not only that, but having smart storage solutions can also enhance your everyday experience in your home and minimize your stress.

Big Storage Solutions for Small Flats

Are you ready to redecorate your home? Here’s how you can get the most of your small space by applying these simple big storage solutions for your home:

Declutter Your Space

The first storage solution the easiest: declutter your home. Determine which things/pieces of furniture you really need the most or are essential. Try to eliminate pieces that are not really necessary or are too bulky. You can also dispose or donate some of your clothes/shoes and embrace minimalism.

Emerson Bookshelf w/ Drawers & Cabinet – $2967

Multi-functional Furniture

When you’re living in a small space, one of the keys to having sufficient space is choosing multifunctional furniture and picking pieces of furniture that have various purposes. For example, if you want to squeeze in a little workspace modify your bookshelf, and create a custom, practical working space.

Big Storage Solutions
Shoe Rack with Umbrella Stand and Tray – $79.99

Maximize Nooks

Another storage solutions for small flats use every nook and cranny and maximize any space you can get. Install floating shelves on nooks or place hooks for other purposes you can think of like hanging your bath towels. Maybe hang some of your stuff to open up floor space.

Floating Shelf – $48.99
Orton Industrial Walnut Wood Floating Wall Shelf – $122

Scale Down

Aside from decluttering your space, scale down on furniture pieces. Don’t pick pieces that are too big or bulky. Instead, opt for smaller multifunctional pieces. Be smart with your choices, settle for furniture or home appliances that are essential to you.

TV Stand with Tempered Glass Open Concept Storage – $199.99
Logan Sofa – $1188

Install Cabinet

Install cabinets in your space but don’t forget to take into consideration your space and how you can maximize both storage and functionality (AKA don’t put cabinets in places that may pose a danger or would prove to be hard to get to). Try installing small cabinets in little nooks and use your storage to hide unsightly clutter in your home.

Wall Cabinet – $499

Hanging Fruits Basket

Who said you could only put fruits in a fruits basket? Use it to store your socks, hats and really whatever you can think of. Just make sure they still look tidy and uniform.

Hanging Two-Tiered Ceramic Fruit Basket – $90

Try these big storage solutions, and you’ll never run out of space for your small flat. Do you have any tips to share? Leave a comment below.

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