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Blog Stats for August

by megan
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I’m no stranger to being a nerd for statistics, especially when it comes to blogging. Being that I’ve only had this blog running for a month, and it’s the first day of the next month, I had the brilliant(?) idea to keep track of my statistics. Last month I fell off the wagon a smidge because of the closing on the house took a lot of my time, so there wasn’t as much growth as I would’ve liked. Behold:

The Biege House blog stats for August 2016

That big pop was due to a post of mine on the Huffington Post which featured a link back to here.

So good news: My pageviews doubled in one month!

Bad News: My Alexa rank didn’t increase all that much from last month (5,488,665)

The Beige House Alexa ranking for August 2016

Now in all fairness I don’t really think Alexa is the benchmark for popularity of a website, but I like to see how my sites move up (or down, ugh) on it throughout the month as it gives me a little insight on what’s working and what isn’t. Baby steps, right?


What Worked

Pinterest – Last month I had 4 followers and this month it popped up to 24. While I love Pinterest personally, I avoid using the account for things like recipes or off topic content. Instead I’ve made sure to focus the Pinterest account on what my readers would want to see.

Adding more personal posts -Super glad to take the SEO hit in order to finally be able to offer posts about what’s going to happen to our own home. I know that’s the direction of the blog in the longterm, so getting more towards that direction makes me happy.

What Didn’t

Daily Blogging – Hopefully now that the big scary moments of buying/closing on the house + car are behind us, I can now get back to business.

The Logo – I created the original logo myself and it was…okay. I felt like it wasn’t a representation of the blog or the audience I wanted to reach. So I had a new one made…which was eh. So I tweaked it a bit and now TBH has this current one:

The Beige House logo evolution

Goals for August:

  • Begin adding more DIY and personal posts complete!
  • Get the mailing list up
  • Get a better social media schedule 
  • Get 3 “backup” posts 

Goals for September

  • Get the mailing list up
  • Switch logo on social media (yikes!)
  • Release printable products
  • 3 backup posts
  • At least 25 posts this month

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