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Get That Bohemian Bedroom: 8 Must Have Accessories

by Dannica
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Have you ever scrolled through Instagram or Pinterest and thought, “wow, that’s a really nice bedroom!” Chances are, you’re looking at a Bohemian Bedroom. This design is especially popular among teens or just really anyone with an eccentric style.

According to Houzz Australia Contributor – Jane Dunn, defining “bohemian” (boho) as an interior style is really attempting to label something that can’t be labeled. So, it is more of a personal style and varies; depending really on one’s personal taste.

It has elements of Shabby Chic and eclecticism mixed with an artistic and theatrical flamboyance that has nothing to do with trends. Boho is witty, whimsical and highly reflective of the mind and lifestyle of the person who embraces it. It is playful and fun. In its way it is an anti-style, but at its heart is a love of art, color, contrasts, creativity, travel, adventure, the past and, above all, freedom from convention.

Decorating with a Bohemian flair is basically an expression of your freedom, creativity and style in one. It could also be a representation of your experiences, feelings and memories. If you are ready to create a Bohemian-styled bedroom but don’t know how to get started, here are some accessories that you can add:

Bohemian Decor Essentials

Throw Pillows
Decorate your bedroom with different throw pillows. The pattern or design doesn’t really matter, as long as it “speaks to you” or holds a special meaning.

Medallion Casual Pillow Covers – $84.99

LED Lights
Now this is one of my personal favorite, I mean these little fairy lights makes any room just #bedroomgoals. There are a lot of types to choose from so, you can pick whatever colors or style you want.

London Canopy Eastern King Bed – $624.99

Choose a style that you like – hang it behind your bed or put it on the wall. You can also incorporate the led lights here – see these cute tapestry decorating ideas from Cosmo.

Bohemian Mandala Tapestry – $14.99blank

Bohemians are known for their art, spontaneity, and love for life. They appreciate the simplest things. Showcase your own art in your bedroom – hang your paintings, frame your photos or, you can always buy a piece of artwork from an artist you admire.

Big Head Dog Hand Painting – $64.59

This is one of major piece in every bedroom so it is really important to give some thought about it. But, with a Bohemian bedroom, your bedding can be eclectic, meaning it doesn’t have to be put together. It may even be a combination of various styles or patterns.

You can never have a bedroom without a mirror. I mean you can, but, we think mirrors are must-haves! A big mirror would look gorgeous in a bohemian bedroom – with all the lights and colors. Gorgeous!

Hanging Wall Mirror with Macrame Hanger – $14.99

It is not a requirement but, plants just gives life to every room. It will also make you feel refreshed. Also, houseplants can cleanse and purify the air. Awesome, right? On the other hand, if you really think plants are too much of maintenance then you can always opt for ornament fake plants.

Monstera Faux Shrubs

Bohemian decor is is all about expressing yourself and being free because it’s a style that is almost for anyone. Now go and unleash your inner bohemian!

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