Change The Way You Clean Your Bathroom with These Tips

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Maintaining a clean bathroom is an essential everyday task. The household’s health and safety can easily be affected if this chore is not done regularly.

We don’t want to get sick as bathrooms are a perfect breeding ground for bacteria, viruses, and molds that can pose health risks. The buildup of dirt and pathogens happen here.

5 Bathroom Cleaning Tips and Why It’s Important to Clean Your Bathroom

Other than considering its hygienic aspect, we wouldn’t want to get embarrassed for having a smelly toilet when friends come over for some chat. To save you from pending harm, here are some 5 tips for a presentable and sparkling clean bathroom:

  1. Light Cleaning

Light cleaning is simple tidying up that can be done daily and won’t take much of your time. Start with organizing your bathroom wall cabinet. Keep the cupboards uncluttered and label them if necessary.

Next, gather all used towels for laundry, then restock them with fresh and clean ones.

The secret for keeping a clean, smudge-free mirror is to use rubbing alcohol and a flat-weave microfiber cloth. This should do wonders for your mirror. Fast-drying, lint-free, and squeaky clean.

Do a quick sweep and mop the floor. Always do a dry sweep or vacuum first before doing a wet mop. Remove cobwebs using your broom.

Line trash bins with a removable trash bag for easy disposal. Don’t forget to wash the inner bin before replacing a new trash bag.


Washing bathroom rugs and mats won’t be much effort. Just soak rugs with detergent to loosen dirt. Machine wash on a warm cycle for a complete clean.

  1. Shower Cleaning

Securely wrap the shower head with a bag filled with vinegar. Vinegar is an acid that will act on the mineral deposited in the shower head. Leave and soak this overnight. In the morning, all grime and dirt are all rid of. Turn on the shower and run warm water to rinse off the vinegar.

  1. Toilet Cleaning

You will need the following: rubber hand gloves, toilet brush, sponge, specially formulated toilet solution, and disinfectant.
Put on gloves and apply the toilet cleaning solution from the rim to dissolve grime, stains, and dirt. Soak for a few minutes.


Scrub using a toilet brush, focusing on tough dirt and stains. Flush to rinse. Take a sponge and work on cleaning the toilet seat, cover, tank, and lever. Finish off by spraying disinfectant.

  1. Tile and Tub Cleaning

Prior to cleaning, make sure to open windows to make it well-ventilated. It is unsafe to inhale chemical cleaning solutions. Specifically, use cleaning agents that are compatible with your wall materials. Pour the cleaning agent onto the sponge. Avoid using hard bristle as it may scratch the tiles and tub. Rub clean and cover the entire wall and tub area. Use bleach and a toothbrush to scrub mildew and any buildup. Rinse with warm water and wipe dry.

  1. Sink Cleaning

Run hot water to dissolve soap scum and grime. Spray the sink generously with a cleaning solution, covering all parts of the sink. From the basin, faucet, behind the faucet, and the drain. Scrub and apply pressure if necessary. Rinse thoroughly and wipe dry.

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