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Cleaning Hacks For Your Home

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Ever heard of the saying, “Cleanliness is next to Godliness?”

Nobody likes a dirty house – it is an eyesore and, honestly, very stressful. Whether you really love cleaning or you’re tidying up the house for a special occasion, having a few tricks up your sleeve is really helpful. These cleaning hacks can make our work easier and more efficient. At the same time, these hacks can also save us from frustration and buy us some time. However, not all of these tricks work, so if you want to know about the cleaning hacks that are actually sworn by a lot of people, continue reading.

How Cleaning Hacks Can Transform Your Home

Like any other neat freak or someone who just really loves a clean house, we always look for ingenious ways and even gadgets to make our chores easier. This is why cleaning hacks are really popular. A good cleaning hack is something that works, is easy, efficient, and is inexpensive. If you are ready to try some cleaning tips that will transform your home, we’ve got you covered.

Cleaning Hacks For Your Home

Here are some of the best and most practical cleaning hacks that you can actually use in your home:

Eliminate Stinks From Your Fridge

Get rid of bad odors in your bridge by using activated charcoal. Place a bowl of it in your fridge, and you’ll never have to suffer from a stinky fridge again.


Clean Your Blender

Everybody loves a good smoothie – whether it is chocolate, vanilla, or a healthier option like fruit smoothies. But cleaning the blender is another story, it is tiresome and can even be dangerous sometimes. So to make cleaning easier, pour warm water with dishwashing soap into your blender and give it a few spins. After that, make sure to rinse it with water by giving it a few spins as well.

Shiny Windows


SVEDKA Strawberry Lemonade Vodka – $13.63

Run out of Windex? Use vodka to clean your glass windows. It’s as effective as other commercial cleaning agents and might probably be easily available in your home. Just make sure to use the cheap one on your window.

When Life Gives You Lemons

When life gives you lemons, use them to clean your sink! Use lemon and baking soda to make your sink spanking new again! Pour baking soda into your sink, then squeeze the lemon. After that, scrub it with the squeezed lemon – the combination of this two should make something like a paste. Leave it for 5 minutes, then rinse it with water.

Buy a Magic Eraser


Extra Thick Magic Cleaning Pads

Magic erasers are pretty inexpensive and can pretty much do a lot of things in your home. Like removing wall stains from markers/crayons, cleaning your shoes, sink, bathtubs, and a lot more. If you have time, you can even create your own magic eraser for just 10 cents!

Hide Scratches on Your Leather Sofa

Make scratches unnoticeable on your leather sofa by wiping it with shoe polish. Remember to use the appropriate color that will match your leather’s color and remove any excess polish on your chair. Let it dry for a couple of minutes before using your chair again.


Shoe Cream Leather Polish – $6.49

These are some cleaning hacks you’ll probably use in your house a few times. What is your favorite cleaning hack? Share them below!

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