Coming soon: cocktails!

Dannica and I are busy little bloggers. In addition to writing here, and doing business tips, we also run a little niche project where we share amazing cocktail recipes! Lately, though, we’ve had a come to Jesus about how we’re spreading ourselves all. over. the. place. and so I’ve made an executive decision to bring the cocktails to you guys!

Starting next Saturday and every Saturday after that, Dannica and I are going to be posting the most amazing recipes for your get togethers, holiday shindigs, brunches, whatever! We’re really excited about it, and I hope you guys will be, too!


Megan is a 5x award-winning entrepreneur, small business nerd, and industrial decor lover. Megan's products and writing have been featured in dozens of publications, including the Huffington Post and the New York Times. Hair color subject to change, black clothing...probably not.

  1. Hi Megan

    How exciting! Have you recovered from Haven? My sister and I got back to knoxville and i head back to denver.
    Cool temps here which make for a great nesting day.

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