How to Create a Minimalist Office

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Minimalism is one of the most popular design today, because of its simplicity and elegance, it’s one of the most go to interior design. Whether it’s a minimalist bedroom, living room or our post today – minimalist office, you’ll fall in love with its unique charm.

Why Have A Minimalist Office

First, let’s define “minimalist interior” – according to Impressive Interior Design, the minimalist interior design definition is one to be followed. Its purpose is to create simple, peaceful and orderly spatial arrangements. With reduced clutter and the interior to a minimum, it transposes the idea of quality. It gives a feeling of clarity and richness instead of a sense of emptiness.

In relation to the minimalist interior’s definition, we can say that a Minimalist Office” is all about having the essentials. It’s getting the most out of a few pieces through careful selection and editing. By having a minimalist space, you’ll be able to focus on what you really need to do – which is to work and concentrate on whatever you need to do. In the simplest form, less mess = fewer distractions.

Creating A Minimalist Office

Decorating a minimalist office is almost an art itself. When you’re setting up your space, you are already curating pieces of furniture. Having said that, here are some more tips to perfect your minimalist office:

Quality Over Quantity

Pick a premium furniture or object that can stand on its own. Invest in a couple of pieces that you know you’d use a lot of times – in this case, maybe splurge on a high-quality office table or chair. Of course, your comfort is also a top priority so be sure to choose a furnishing that would satisfy both of these characteristics.

Gridiron Stainless Steel Office Desk – $644.99
Ibanez Office Chair – $254

Your Wall Is Your Canvas

Speaking of canvas, to achieve that minimalist effect, your wall’s paint color or wallpaper should be on the neutral side – think white, grey or nude color. You can even leave your concrete wall as is, with its natural finish.

Choose An Accent Piece

Even though you’re styling a minimalist office, it doesn’t mean that you can’t have fun. A colorful or vibrant accent piece will pop and stand out in your office. Choosing an accent piece really depends on you and your liking – you can choose a flashy painting, a sculpture, or your seat.

Multi-Colored Tiles Oil Painting – $125

Keep It Clean

Choosing this interior design idea also means choosing to be organized. Obviously, you can’t have a minimalist office if you’re not fond of neat and clean space. So, another useful tip is to have a lot of storage – built in storage, drawers or boxes (remember to incorporate their colors/style in your design).

Halifax Cabinet – $159.99

Simple Design

Having furniture that is structurally uncomplicated or simple brings harmony to this design trend. Even if you have a couple of pieces of furniture, if they are simple and belong to one color scheme, they’d totally look chic and put together.

Floor Lamp Brushed – $159.99

Give It Some Space

Give your furnishings plenty of space. Don’t crowd them in one place, rather, put some space between your things. By giving them some distance, it creates a uniform and organized feeling.

And you’re off to create your minimalist office! Do you need more inspiration? Head over to our decor page to get more ideas.


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