How To Create A Modern Living Room

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Having a great living room is one of the keys to creating an awesome family atmosphere. It is a place where the family converges, where you meet your friends or entertain visitors. A vital part of the house. And because the living room is one of the focal points of the house, it is important to have a striking yet warm interior design. Today, a modern living room is one of the go-to design ideas.

Modern Living Room Design Ideas

The modern living room design is one of the top interior design ideas nowadays. Because of its simplicity and elegance, a lot of people turn to this decor. Kitchen and Bathroom Designer Beth Asaff mentioned that “Modern design encompasses a lot of different incarnations, which can make it difficult to define. In its simplest terms, modern interior design refers to the reflection of the modern art movement on the interiors of the home. From patio, kitchen or bedroom – the modern design is a favorite.

Creating A Modern Living Room

Designing your living room with modern decor is really easy. But if you’re still a bit lost on how to start, we’ve come up with some ideas. So, amp up your living room with these tips on how to create a modern living room:

Use Metal

Stainless steel, chrome or even the traditional metals (wrought iron) are a big part of the contemporary designs’ identity. Thus, you can use metal as part of the furniture, like a coffee table’s leg, the base of a lamp, or even cabinet handles. Metal goes so well with the modern design because it’s polished look gives off a “cold” look.


Accent Colors

Unlike any other design ideas where you limit yourself to muted or neutral colors, with the modern design, can use bold colors as your accent. You can paint your walls, pick an abstract painting, opt for colored furniture pieces or throw in some vibrant throw pillows.

Modern Living Room
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Yes, even though you can use accent colors with your modern living room, you still have to keep your things to a minimum (check out our How to Create a Minimalist Office post). This way, it balances out the colors in your living room. So, be critical in choosing your pieces.



Along with “modern” looking, if you really want to stick to this theme then you better keep up with the technology too. However, it’s not all about getting the latest tv or components but, streamlining all your electronics. All wires should be hidden or arrange in a way that it doesn’t interrupt your decor.


Keep The Clutter Away

So, as much as possible, keep your living room spanking clean. Don’t over-accessorize, and make your space as open and airy as possible. Let the lights in, and don’t forget to organize your things.


Incorporate lines in your interior design. Pick a rug or throw pillow with line detailing. Settle for furniture pieces that contain lines, it promotes symmetry and adds to the modern charm of your living room.

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And these are our tips on how you can create a modern living room. Do you have any suggestions to add? Comment below.

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Diego Lopes August 7, 2017 - 2:33 pm

I love minimalism – too bad I also love being kinda deorganized overall, so it really doesn’t match that well. Regardless, it was a very inspiring post!

megan August 11, 2017 - 11:28 am

call it “organized chaos!”


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