Looking for a new diy project to do this week or a gift to someone special? Whether it’s a simple project to add to your home or a present, you will surely enjoy this project. Today, we’ll share with you some quick and easy tips how you can create your own personalized pillow. What are you waiting for? Let’s start creating!

Materials Needed for your Personalized Pillow:


Personalized Pillow Personalized Pillow


Create Your Personalized Pillows

Here’s what you need to do to start your own personalized pillows do-it-yourself project:

Prepare Your Materials

First off, prepare your materials. If you don’t have a plain pillowcase or you prefer to make your pillowcase, you can use a sewing machine or hand sew it (check out our post How To Sew And Repair Your Home Decor for sewing tips). Don’t also forget to buy pillow stuffing for your pillow.  When buying an iron transfer paper sheet, buy a high-quality one so that it’ll last long.  After you’ve prepared all the materials needed, you can proceed to designing your pillow.


Choose a Design

You can create your own design on any design software or programs (Adobe Illustrator, Canva, etc). If you’re not familiar with these programs or apps, you can ask a graphic designer to design it for you or you can head over to Skillshare, CreativeLive and check out some of their courses. Once you have your design, print it on an iron-on transfer paper sheet. Make sure to “mirror” the image so that the text or image won’t be backwards.


Ironing Your Design

After you’ve printed your design, prepare your iron and ironing board. Heat it up and place the design on the pillow, once you’ve made sure it’s perfectly aligned, iron the design on the pillow. After you’ve successfully ironed the design on the pillowcase, peel off the transfer paper and let the pillow sit for a while.


Adding Extra Details

If you’re not satisfied with the look or you just want to add details to your pillow, you can sew in some sequins, buttons or anything that you like. This will your project more personality and will give it a more meaningful touch. If printing is not your thing, you can also try stenciling your pillow. Just make sure to get a fabric paint so that it suits the material and won’t fade once washed.


Care Tip

Because of the printed design, when you’re washing the pillowcase, gently handwash it and try to avoid scrunching the design. On the other hand, when you’re ironing it, iron the pillowcase inside out so you won’t damage the print.


Creating a personalized pillow is a fun and entertaining project, whether it’s for you or a present to someone, it is definitely something that they will surely cherish and enjoy. What do you want to see next? Leave a comment below!