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This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of CORT. All opinions are 100% mine.

You know, I’ve been thinking a lot about our downstairs bedroom and the creative ways I could use it. This bedroom isn’t used often since guests really have to want to come to see us (as opposed to when we lived in NYC, where coming to town for an event meant also seeing us for a few days).


We’ve been spending a ton of time (and, let’s be real, moolah) that it would really be nice to recoup some of our costs, or at least find ways to diversify our incomes. So maybe it is time to be an AirBnB-er or something like that!

Let me start with the basics of the room:


It’s a fairly large bedroom with direct access to its own bathroom. It’s out of the way from the rest of the house, so it could be considered fairly private. Now, I don’t know how many people are traveling through our suburb of Rochester that would need a place to crash, but it’s an interesting idea that I might experiment with.

One of the main challenges, though, is figuring out what perks to add to the room. Also, what if this experiment fails totally? Then I’d be out more money for stuff I wouldn’t have any use for on my own. So how do I solve this problem? Furniture rental! I think that working out a way to rent furniture and decor would be a great, low-commitment way to give this crazy idea a shot, don’t you think? Here are some ideas I think I’d add to our room from CORT Furniture Rental:


Rent the Microwave - White

To me, if I were traveling I’d want the ability to stay cooped up in my room as much as possible, without bothering hosts. If I did this room as a micro-studio kinda setup, I’d be sure to rent things like a microwave, coffee maker, and maybe a mini fridge.

A Fuller Bed Set

Rent the Mackenzie Queen Bedroom

Currently, we’ve only got a full-size bed in there, though the room could handle something bigger. I’d probably try out a queen sized bed in the room with nightstands to see how well that fit. The best part is, since Im not buying this outright but renting it from CORT, I could upgrade the set to a king later on if I felt like it would be a better investment.


Rent the Blu-ray Player - Smart / Wi-Fi

While we’ve got a flat screen in there already, it doesn’t really do much, so I’d want to include at least a DVD or Blu-Ray player. In addition, I’d like to create a station for working (since that’s what we all just seem to do now, even on vacations) that includes a desk and charging port to up the convenience factor.



My decor style is pretty niche, so I’d want to include something a little more welcoming to any taste. Things like artwork or rugs that were in more neutral shades might be more appealing than the bold color palette of the rest of our house.

What else do you think would be a good fit for an AirBnB room? Leave a comment and let me know what I missed!

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