Decorating An Arabian Attic: 5 Tips

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If you are enamored by culture, luxury, and eccentrics, then Arabian decor is one design to think about incorporating into your home (especially considering you are decorating an attic – which is frequently overlooked compared to other parts of the house). If you want to bring excitement and colors to your attic, an Arabian attic is a perfect choice. It is rich in colors and has influence from Moroccan, Turkish, French, and Middle Eastern architecture/decor.

What Is Arabian Attic Decor?

The Arabian decor is a mix of Mediterranean and Moroccan style with a modern elegant touch. According to Impressive Interior Design, “Modern Arabic interior design is, in fact, somewhat minimalist. But it hasn’t caught on as much. When one thinks of Arabic interior design, one still pictures the extravagantly grand version. Bold use of color is what stands out most when it comes to Arabian-influenced decorating. The tones are earthy, with liberal use of vibrant reds, golds, ochres, and oranges. The walls, floors, furnishings, and art; everything contributes deep color to space.” This design idea is full of life and colors, one of the reasons why Arabian attic decor is worth a try.

Decorating An Arabian Attic

Now that we know the essence of an Arabian decor, here are a few ways you can decorate your Arabian attic:


Fabrics are a big part of Arabian decor. Brocade, cotton, and silk give the room a luxurious look. So whether it is a carpet, pillowcase, or decorative rug, pick a fabric with a geometric design. Bold colors like orange, blue, and purple are the primary palettes for this decor idea.

Interior Design | Arabian Attic
Throw Pillow Case – $21.59


One of my favorite features of Arabian decor is the intricate and gorgeous detail of the furniture. And probably of the most common is their light fixtures. If you’ve been to the Middle East, you’ve probably noticed the mesmerizing chandelier lamps/lanterns. In an Arabian attic, you want a chandelier that will light up and bring out the beauty of the room so don’t be afraid to go extravagant.

Champlain Collection Pendant Lamp – $398


Did you know that the word “sofa” came from the Arabic word “suffah,” which means bench? So for seating fixtures, you have a variety of choices. You can go for a simple white sofa or pick something more colorful. Patterns and geometric prints are also welcomed with Arabian decor.

Chester Sofa – $664.99


This is probably the most enjoyable aspect of the Arabian decor. Since this design idea is rich in culture and history, the selection of accessories is endless. Because of its prominent style, it will also be a good conversation starter.

Stool with Square Shape Table Top – $398


Use various layers of rich weaves, colors, patterns, and textures. This can be done by the use of heavy draperies, rich upholstery, Persian rugs, throws, tapestries, and hallway runners. Pull an opulent effect by using a sheen and silk fabric.

Traditional Persian Style Design – $219.9

That’s how you glam up your attic, if you need more inspiration, check out decor by style.  What design idea do you want us to talk about next?

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