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7 Tips for Decorating A Boy’s Room

by Dannica
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Are you looking for ideas to decorate your son’s bedroom? A boy’s room is one of the perfect places to let your imagination run free. Decorating a boy’s room can feel a lot different from decorating a girl’s bedroom. It may even be trickier to decorate a boy’s bedroom since they have different aesthetics from a girl’s. However, this is why it is fun and exciting to do this kind of decor.

Boy’s Room: Choosing A Theme

If you’re not used to decorating a boy’s or a manly room, this will prove to be a challenge. But to make it manageable and easier, start with choosing a theme. Know what he’d like to see in his bedroom. A lot of young boys may be into basketball, while others may be into soccer. So, talk to them. Ask about their interests, the colors they like, and what they’d like to see in their room.

Tips for Decorating A Boy’s Room

Get ready to step away from pink and explore the color blue more in designing a boy’s room. Here are seven tips on how you decorate an awesome boy’s room:

Know Their Interests

Before you go crazy and buy tons of stuff for your child’s bedroom, know his interests. Knowing their interest or hobbies is going to be a big help the process of decorating and choosing a theme.

Pick A Theme

Now that you know his interests, choose a theme. Some of the typical boy’s room themes are sports (basketball, soccer), nautical, space, and cars. Pre-teen boys tend to settle for a more minimalist and subtle look.

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Play With Colors

Just because you’re decorating a room for a boy doesn’t mean that you have to stick with blue. You can actually use various colors – yellow, green, gray, red and really any colors. Don’t get stuck with just one color – use different shades.

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Experiment with Decoration

Use different and unique decorations. Decorate it with toys, nautical decor, sports paraphernalia or whichever you think your kid will like. The nice thing about designing a boy’s room is that it doesn’t need to be all put together and uniform.

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Have Sufficient Storage

Boys tend to have a lot of toys so make sure to have adequate storage. This way, you can keep things in order and the room clean. Having a storage also helps keep things in shape.

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Be Creative

Think out of the box. Let your inner child run free. Paint the wall with illustrations, use sports equipment as decoration, create a car bed or model the room into something – perhaps a military bunk or a soccer locker room.

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Go To A Thrift Store

If you’re looking for a unique or vintage item for a boy’s room, you can try going to a thrift store. The thrift store has a lot of things to offer – there are pieces there that you won’t find in an ordinary store. So, definitely check it out and you might just find some stuff that is interesting or appealing to you.

I hope these tips helped you come up with a cool boy’s bedroom. If you want more inspiration, check out our Decor by Style page.

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