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DIY Faux Wallpaper Using A Stencil

by Dannica

Tired of seeing the same walls every day? Are you looking forward to scrapping your old wallpaper and getting a fresh makeover? Changing the look of your home can be really fun and exciting but wallpapers can be a little pricey even for a small portion and not to mention installation’s kinda intimidating as well. If you’re still up to giving your home a new look, you might want to try creating your own faux wallpaper using a stencil! Read on to know how to make your own.

Using Stencils for Faux Wallpaper

We already know that stencils can be quite handy projects (learn about how to make a stencil here). It can be used as a sign (for your mailbox maybe) or incorporated into a design like what we’re doing today. One of the upsides of using a stencil as a faux wallpaper is that it’s pretty affordable and unlike installing traditional wallpaper which can be really nerve-wracking, painting stencils “amateur-friendly”. If you’re also working on a small section, it is much quicker than putting up wallpaper which requires more technical knowledge and effort.

DIY Faux Wallpaper Using Stencil

Are you excited to start your project? Here’s how you can start your DIY faux wallpaper using stencil:


Materials You Will Need


How to Paint a Faux Wallpaper Using Stencil


1. Buy a wall stencil with the design that you prefer then gather your supplies and tools. Once you have everything, prepare the section you’re going to paint. Make sure to tape off and cover the section you’re not going to paint.


2. Visualize and start planning the placement of your stencil. After you’ve figured out the position, tape the stencil template with a painter’s tape. Pour some paint on the paint tray and load your brush with paint. On a folded piece of paper, dab off excess paint from the brush. This is important as so the excess point won’t drip.


3. Once you have paint in your brush, start pouncing consistently on your stencil. Maintain medium to light pouncing strokes. You can lift a part of the stencil to check if you’re applying enough or too much paint. Load the brush with paint once there’s not enough anymore. Remember that it’s better to repeatedly fill your brush with paint than have a dripping mess.


4. After you’ve completed painting a section, carefully take off the stencil and move it to the next position. Check out the guide marks to keep your pattern uniform. Repeat these steps until you’ve painted the whole wall. Let it dry for a few hours and seal it off with a topcoat paint, it’ll make your faux wallpaper last longer.


Easy isn’t it? And this how you diy faux wallpaper using stencil. Are you planning to paint your wall? What kind of painting technique will you be trying out? Leave a comment below and show us your work!




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