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How to Create an Easy and Modular DIY Necklace Display


For so many years, we lived in an apartment without any sort of area for DIY creations. Even when I got a studio for my now defunct soap business, creating any sort of custom displays was a near impossibility because of space and abilities. I had 0 power tools (oh, to be young again!) and 0 knowledge of how to use them anyhow so most of my displays were relegated to either repurposing display pieces in a creative way or just using readymade displays.

But no more, my friends! Now that we have a house with ample (ish) space to create, I’ve begun to take matters into my own hands for my new brand, Reserved Stock. In the future, I’ll guide you through the projects I’ve done to create unique displays and products. Want to rip off my ideas? Go for it! Half of the fun of this is helping other people create things and become more comfortable with their DIY abilities.

First up: creating a display for necklaces. I wanted to create a display that took up little square footage on the table but could be customized to fit the space. I know many of you are side hustlers that have come over from my entrepreneur blog and are always looking for a good way to maximize your income, so I hope this super easy necklace display piques your interest and makes you whip out the circular saw. If you’ve been thinking about dipping your toes into the world of handmade products, now is definitely the time to do it (holiday season!).

Just a few notes:

  1. The big part here is making sure you’re able to create a shape that is well-balanced on a picture frame stand. Try to set your necklace display up on a dry run before going to a show and test how stable it feels.
  2. If you plan to use these outdoors, cut them shorter than shown in the video. This will help knock down wind resistance and prevent your display from knocking over
  3. If you really don’t want to mess with trimming the pieces down (which you should!) or want to further oomph the stability, add velcro to the back and to the picture frame stands.
  4. If your necklaces are too long to hang on the necklace display board, simply loop the chains on the finishing nails a few times
  5. Remember that dynamic displays are what draw the eye! Don’t put all of your nails on one line, stagger them to create a more jagged and eye-catching look.

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